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Who’s Responsible for My Semi-Truck Accident?

Perhaps the only thing worse than getting into a car accident is getting into a semi-truck accident. The size and weight differences between a passenger car and a semi-truck are extreme. What would be a minor accident between two cars can result in devastating injuries if it’s between a car and a semi-truck. Specifically, the driver and passengers of the car are at much greater risk for serious injury than the driver of the semi-truck.

The severity of the injury is just one-way semi-truck accidents are different from car accidents. Fault takes on a whole new meaning when applied to semi-truck accidents. Instead of being limited to two drivers, the fault may apply to multiple parties in a semi-truck accident, including:

  • The trucking company
  • The truck manufacturer
  • The truck driver
  • The company that loaded the truck
  • The company that maintains the truck

With all of these parties potentially involved, you can expect the insurance companies to put up a good fight. Hensley Legal Group can face the challenge when you’re clearly the victim of negligence. Our lawyers fight to help you obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

How the Law Applies Differently to Semi-Truck Accidents

Not only are more people potentially responsible for a semi-truck accident, but the law also enforces more rules on the trucking industry than on a random driver. Truck drivers must have special licenses called commercial drivers’ licenses (CDLs). They can face punishment if their CDL is expired or they don’t have one at all.

Truck drivers also must adhere to the Hours of Service regulations that require them to get enough sleep. The Hours of Service regulations limit truck drivers to a maximum of 11 hours on the road after 10 consecutive hours off duty. They also determine how long drivers can go without rest breaks and how many days in a row they can drive before they have to spend a significant amount of time off duty.

There are still more rules imposed on truck drivers from both a company and a legal standpoint. Legally, for example, truck drivers must adhere to rules about when and where they can transport hazardous cargo. They must make sure their cargo adheres to the rules about weight and height limits before driving on certain streets. From a company standpoint, truck drivers may be subject to policies that limit their speed, even on major highways with higher speed limits.

Semi-truck accidents are different from normal car accidents for the truck driver as well. Because truck driving is the person’s livelihood, the truck driver may be eligible for workers’ compensation if an accident occurs while they’re on duty. If you’re a truck driver, you’ll want an attorney who can pursue your workers’ compensation claim as well as your personal injury claim against the driver who hit you.

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