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Whatever Suits You Best, We'll Come to You

Meeting with a field agent face-to-face is the easiest way to understand who we are and what you can expect from us. By signing digitally, we can get started on your case in as little as 30 minutes after meeting.

If you feel uncomfortable meeting a field agent by yourself, feel free to invite a family member or trusted friend to sit in on the home visit. Just remember that we will be asking questions about your case and there might be details you would not want your guest to know.

We also offer virtual visits if you prefer not to meet face-to-face. We can chat over the phone and will send electronic documents for you to e-sign. E-signing is an easy and secure way to answer your questions while ensuring your comfort and safety.

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Meet Our Field Agents

Our field agents travel thousands of miles every year, meeting with new and potential clients across the state of Indiana. Their job is to answer your questions about the legal process and how Hensley Legal Group operates.

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Schedule a Home or Virtual Visit

Our field agents speak both English and Spanish. Please tell is if you prefer English or Spanish when scheduling your home visit. They will provide introductory materials at the home visit. // Nuestros agentes hablan español e inglés. Por favor, háganos saber que idioma prefiere al planificar la cita con el agente. El agente le dará materiales introductorios en su cita.

What is a Home or Virtual Visit?

Maybe you were injured in a fall and can’t leave your home. Maybe your car was totaled in a car accident. Maybe the medical bills are pouring in and you can’t afford another day off work.

We know that life happens. Don’t worry: if you can’t come to us, we will come to you.

Rather than going back and forth with emails and phone calls, home visits allow us to answer your questions in person at a time and location that best works for you. Our secure e-signing process lets us being working on your legal case within 30 minutes of meeting. But we won’t pressure you to sign: a home visit is for you to decide whether we are the right choice for you.

What do Field Agents do?

Our field investigators log tens of thousands of miles every year, visiting clients across the state. And with seven office locations, they can meet Hoosiers no matter where they live or work.

We are happy to meet you at your home or at a convenient location like a coffee shop, workplace, or hospital. We’ll work around your schedule so you have the chance to meet us in person. At the home visit or during the phone call we will go over paperwork, answer your questions, and walk through the legal process.

We are dedicated to make the legal process as easy as possible for our clients. You deserve to have your questions answered before officially signing on. We’re also happy to speak with you over the phone or answer your questions online. You can call us anytime or contact us online for a free conversation about your case. Any conversation with us is always free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Visits

Why schedule a home visit? Why can’t we just meet at the office?
Home visits allow us to start working on your case as quickly as possible. Any documents you sign during the visit will be sent to us as soon as the meeting is over. Plus you won’t have to worry about rearranging your schedule, driving in traffic, or finding parking.

What is a virtual visit?
E-signs are done completely over the phone, no in-person meeting necessary. The documents are then texted or emailed to you for you to sign digitally.

I’m not comfortable meeting at my house. Can we meet somewhere else?
Absolutely! Going over details of a car accident or serious fall can be uncomfortable: our goal is to make finding legal help as stress-free as possible. We can meet at a coffee shop, at your place of work, at a local shopping mall, or at the hospital. In fact, we don’t even have to face-to-face. Our field agents can conduct everything over the phone.

What happens after the home visit?
Any documents and evidence gathered at the visit is immediately sent back to our office. You should receive a call from us within the next few days to officially open your case.

Is a home visit necessary for my case?
For car accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, and other personal injury cases, home visits are a low-stress way to share details, evidence, and contact information. But not every case requires a home visit. Sometimes we can send you documents in the mail for you to sign and send back to us. Sometimes we will have you e-sign instead. Our office will coordinate the best way to do it with you, so there is no confusion.

Safety Precautions

The last thing we want to do is to put your family at risk. Our field agents will follow all safety precautions at your request.

We also offer virtual visits over phone or email for totally contactless signups. If you need a contactless virtual visit, please let us know.