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Construction Accident

Let’s face it – a construction site is not the safest workplace. Injuries can arise from malfunctioning equipment, a slip and fall accident, or exposure to dangerous chemicals. If you have been injured or lost a loved one, help from a construction accident law firm in Indiana will be beneficial. By all means, do not expect Indiana Workers Compensation to cover all of your expenses. Although Workers Compensation in Indiana will provide some financial relief, you’ll need to rely on your attorney to help you prove the liability of others who were involved in your accident.

Third Parties in a Construction Accident: Our Law Firm in Indiana Can Help

You will need to hold third parties accountable if you want to be thoroughly compensated for all of your injuries or your loved one’s death.  These parties include the following:

  • General Contractors and Sub Contractors
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Property Owners

Proving that any of the above parties were at fault in your accident is a task best suited for a knowledgeable lawyer at our construction accident law firm, as Indiana work accident cases are our specialty.  It is critical that you contact an attorney as soon as possible so the following can be executed in a timely fashion:Construction Workers with Hammers

  • Photos can be taken before the construction project is complete
  • Witnesses can be interviewed while the accident is fresh on their mind
  • Responsible Parties can be identified

While you focus on your recovery, an attorney from the Hensley Legal Group, PC, will investigate the circumstances that led to your injury and help you take steps to recover more than Indiana Workers Compensation will provide alone. However, it is still crucial that you promptly report your injury to your employer and file for Workers Compensation in IndianaAny delays could cast doubt on your injuries and harm your third-party personal injury claims.

When Indiana Workers Compensation Doesn’t Fully Address Your Injuries

Keep in mind that you have nothing to lose and much to gain by contacting our construction accident law firm in Indiana at (317) 472-3333 because your initial consultation is free. You can also get a free copy of our book, Consumer’s Guide for Injured Victims. Our goal is to make you financially whole again by helping you maximize your amount of compensation after your Indiana construction accident.

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