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Ovarian Cancer and Talcum Powder

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Research has shown that popular personal hygiene products containing talc may increase the risk of ovarian cancer in women. These products include Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Powder.

Continue reading to learn more about talcum powder and ovarian cancer, including information on how to file a talcum powder lawsuit.

Talc and Ovarian Cancer

The possibility of a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer was discovered by scientists as early as the 1970s. Studies have shown that talcum powder use can increase the risk of ovarian cancer as much as 30%.

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Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Lawsuits are being filed against Johnson & Johnson, claiming they knew about the risk of ovarian cancer from talcum powder and failed to provide warnings on their products. Thousands of talcum powder lawsuits are awaiting trial.

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Talcum Powder Settlements

A St. Louis jury recently awarded $72 million to the family of Jackie Fox, who died of ovarian cancer in October of 2015 after thirty years of using Shower to Shower body powder. A second claimant was awarded $55 million in court.

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Talcum Powder Lawyers

If you or a loved one developed ovarian cancer after using talcum powder products, our team of experienced talcum powder lawyers may be able to help you through a talcum powder lawsuit. John Hensley and his team of lawyers believe in dedication, hard work, and commitment. We provide legal representation to all people, regardless of income.

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We represent clients across the country who developed ovarian cancer after using talcum powder products. If you or a loved one were injured, we may be able to help you receive financial compensation for your losses.

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