How Will Working Impact My SSDI or SSI Disability Payments in Indiana?

How Will Working Impact My SSDI or SSI Disability Payments in Indiana?


If you receive SSDI or SSI disability payments and are working, there are certain rules that have been established by the government. To understand your rights fully and how to protect them, you may need to seek help from a Social Security disability attorney in Indiana in Indianapolis.

In general, there are certain rules that may impact working while receiving Social Security disability benefits. For instance, your earnings may have certain work-related expenses deducted, which wouldn’t be counted by Social Security Administration(SSA).

You may also be able to work full time and continue your health coverage with Medicare and/or Medicaid. You could also work part time, limiting your income, and still receive SSDI or SSI payments, along with Medicare and/or Medicaid.

However, before you decide to work, you may need legal help to learn what options are available. A Social Security disability attorney in Indiana (Indianapolis) will evaluate your case to make sure it is being handled the proper way.

There may be other rules that will apply to your situation, depending on the circumstances. You may not be able to rely on the expertise of an SSA representative to know if your case is being handled in a fair manner. Consulting with an attorney may become necessary.

In addition to providing you with information on your rights, an attorney can also assist you if your disability claim has been denied. The claims process can be a very difficult one, so having legal representation on your side can help significantly.

A Helping Hand from a Disability Attorney in Indiana in Indianapolis

When you have complications with your Social Security disability benefits claim, the help of a disability attorney in Indiana in Indianapolis is crucial to getting the assistance you need. In order to get back on track with your Social Security benefits claim, download a copy of our complimentary book, 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits, then contact a Social Security attorney at Hensley Legal Group for a no-cost consultation at (317) 472-3333.