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Free Guide For Disability Benefits

File for Disability Benefits the Right Way

Download 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

Learn the Right Way to File for Disability Benefits

Do you live with a medical condition or injury that makes it impossible to earn income? Are you having trouble making ends meet? Do you have questions about where to turn for financial assistance?

My name is John Hensley, and I am an attorney and founder of Hensley Legal Group, PC. We’ve put together this free guide, Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits, to help you learn all about Social Security disability benefits and whether or not you may qualify for benefits.

This comprehensive disability guide includes details about:

  • The benefits programs available to you
  • How to work with an attorney when applying for benefits
  • Each step of the application process

Understanding the system may help you secure the financial benefits you so desperately need and deserve — before it’s too late.

Avoid Rejection: Learn Why So Many Claims Are Unsuccessful

Thousands upon thousands of disabled Americans file for Social Security disability benefits each year. A lot of these claims are rejected, costing the applicant time and lost benefits.

Don’t let this happen to you! Our free guide provides valuable details on the most common mistakes people make when applying for disability benefits.

For example, many disability claims are denied based on a lack of medical evidence. Our free guide will show you why medical evidence is so important, what kind of evidence is needed, and what you can do if your case lacks the necessary documentation.

Another common reason for rejection is failure to meet application deadlines and other protocols. Our guide provides details on when to apply and what to do in the case of a denial, including when to appeal a ruling.

This disability guide also provides a valuable collection of “Dos and Don’ts” and other easy-to-understand tips to use when applying for Social Security disability benefits. This information is exclusively for those who have serious disabling conditions and are in need of prompt financial assistance.

Learn about the Process BEFORE You Hire an Attorney

You have the right to hire a disability attorney to help you apply for Social Security disability benefits, to appeal a denial, and/or to represent you at a hearing. Before you hire an attorney, it pays to know what to look for in a disability lawyer. Our free guide to disability benefits spells out everything you should expect — and demand — of a disability attorney, including an attorney’s primary responsibilities and duties.

Our free disability guide also provides information on:

  • How an attorney can calculate your amount of past-due benefits
  • How attorneys’ fees are assessed
  • How an attorney can represent you in court
  • The appeals process
  • Other aspects of the attorney-client relationship

Please enter your name, email, and phone number into the form to download our free guide. By knowing what to expect, you have a better chance of finding a disability attorney who can represent your best interests. If you need help or have questions, call our office today or contact us online for a free consultation.

Download 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

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