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Birth Injury

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The birth of a child should be one of the happiest days of the parents’ lives. It is therefore heartbreaking whenever an unforeseeable complication arises. If the negligence of a medical professional needlessly harms a newborn or mother, you should not hesitate to seek justice. Continue reading to learn more about birth and childbirth related injuries, including information on how to file a birth injury lawsuit.

Birth Defect vs. Injury

A birth defect is a condition that forms during a mother’s pregnancy before the baby is born. A birth injury occurs during the labor or delivery process and causes a condition or disability for an otherwise healthy newborn.

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Birth Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury law protects families from having to suffer alone. If a newborn, or mother, has sustained injuries from improper handling of the pregnancy and/or birth by medical professionals, parents may become claimants in a malpractice claim.

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Birth Injury Settlements

One Kansas woman received a $4.72 million settlement after her daughter was born permanently injured due to the negligence of the physicians and nurses during childbirth.

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Childbirth Injury Lawsuit

When people hear “birth injury,” their first thought is often of the health of the newborn. However, the law also protects the mother’s rights to a safe childbirth process. If a mother is injured in childbirth due to a medical professional’s negligence, she should consider seeking justice.

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Birth Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one suffered a childbirth injury, or your child suffered a birth injury, our team of experienced lawyers may be able to help you through a birth injury lawsuit. John Hensley and his team of lawyers believe in dedication, hard work, and commitment. We provide legal representation to all people, regardless of income.

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We represent clients across the state who have sustained injuries from improper handling of their pregnancy and/or birth by medical professionals. If you or your newborn were injured, we may be able to help you receive financial compensation for your losses.

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