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Shop with a Cop

A coalition of businesses, individuals, and police officers helped to make the holidays brighter for nearly 125 local children Saturday, December 13th. For some time now, the annual Shop with a Cop program has provided kids with winter clothing, a special toy, and a visit with Santa. Each year there is also a theme, this year’s being, “Paying It Forward-Taking it to the Next Level.” Quoted in an article published on wishtv.com, Rick Snyder, FOP President said about the theme, “We work with the children that we help and really talk to them about, even in a time when maybe they are in need, they have the ability to also pay that forward and help someone else.” According to WishTV8, “Each child and officer brought a canned food item to support the David S. Moore food pantry in honor of IMPD Officer Perry Renn who was killed in the line of duty this year. Children also assembled holiday baskets for seniors.”

Police Get Chance to Mentor Youth

Every year this program not only gives children in the community a chance to have the kind of Christmas ever child deserves, it also gives police officers a chance to interact with local children and mentor them. FOP President Rick Snyder said about the event, “Hopefully what the children will see is our officers leading by example and showing them how they can do that. Hopefully it’s a lifelong lesson that they learn.”

Hensley Legal Group in the Community

We here at Hensley Legal Group, believe in the Shop with a Cop program, and also believe every child deserves to have a Christmas filled with hope and joy. We were proud to be part of the business community that supported this effort, and would like to share a few pictures of our team with the kids.