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We serve our community with our legal skills and experience. Our goal is to educate every disabled and injured person on their right to compensation and to fight for that right.

Being injured or disabled can leave you feeling alone and powerless. After an injury, many people are left asking, “How?”

  • How is a mother from Southport supposed to stand up to a giant insurance company after a car accident when she’s got her health and her family to look after?
  • How is a 55-year-old from the Near Eastside supposed to make his Social Security disability claim stand out from the 11,282 that are currently pending at the Indianapolis hearing office?
  • How is a young professional from Broad Ripple supposed to get her apartment complex to pay for her medical bills after she slipped and fell on their unsalted sidewalks in the middle of an Indianapolis winter?
  • How is anyone who is injured or disabled supposed to have the energy, the skill, and the experience to get whoever is at fault to own up to their mistakes?

The answer, of course, is that no one should have to face insurance companies, government bureaucracies, and at-fault parties alone. Anyone who is injured or disabled should only be focused on what really matters: their health, their families, and their daily lives.

That’s where we come in. Hensley Legal Group isn’t interested in exploiting those who are injured or disabled just to make a quick buck. At the core of our values, we know that our clients are our neighbors. We want to see them back on their feet, not missing out on their lives while they pay for someone else’s mistakes.

Our Indianapolis personal injury lawyers have the skill and experience to get our neighbors the compensation they deserve. Our office is committed to serving our community by providing professional, dependable, and compassionate service to our clients.

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There’s No Place Like Home

Indianapolis personal injury lawyers

In 1998, John Hensley chose to start his law firm right here in Indianapolis. Ever since we’ve been proud to call Indianapolis our home.

Nearly 40 percent of our employees were born in Indianapolis, and nearly 45 percent either grew up in Indianapolis or in one of the cities surrounding Marion County. A solid third of our team has lived in Indy their whole lives.

You can live anywhere in the world, but you’ll only ever have one hometown. We’re proud that Indianapolis is our hometown, and we’re committed to serving and investing in our community.

A Risk-free Guarantee from your Local Indianapolis Attorneys

By far the biggest worry we hear is that many people don’t know if they can afford to hire an attorney. Our risk-free guarantee ensures that you will not owe us a single penny if you don’t receive a settlement or award.

We don’t charge hourly fees, and we certainly don’t expect you to pay unless and until we deliver. Hensley Legal Group works on contingency, which means we only receive a percentage of your settlement or award if we secure one for you. If we fail to get you the money you deserve, then we don’t deserve any, either.

Our fees differ depending on what kind of case you have. While we can’t promise that our fees will always be low, we can promise that they will always be fair.

"The staff at Hensley Legal Group are outstanding in their service and their personal response to client needs. I am so glad they 'had my back' during the legal process."

Indianapolis Attorneys Serving Our Community

Hensley Legal Group community outreach

Anyone can start a business in a city and try to profit from it. But we’re not interested in how Indianapolis can serve us. We’re much more interested in how we can serve Indianapolis.

We’ve partnered with numerous local charities over the past 20 years to help make our hometown a better place. You may have seen us racing for a cure for cancer, putting on a soccer camp for local kids, or buying Christmas presents for foster kids in Marion County. Maybe you’ve seen us passing out water at the Monumental Marathon or cleaning up the Oliver’s Woods Nature Preserve on an overcast Indianapolis afternoon. Perhaps you know a high school student who received our Hensley Legal Group Scholarship.

Our office isn’t content to write a check and donate to an abstract charity just to say that we did. We want to see real change happen in our city, and we want to participate in it in whatever ways we can.

Why should you care about how we treat our hometown? Because that’s exactly how we treat our clients. We’re not interested in making a quick buck; we’re interested in making a difference.

Our office, located on the corner of Washington and Virginia, keeps us in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Basing our law firm in the state capital allows us to assist victims in the largest city in Indiana. Our central location also keeps us only a couple of hours at most from clients living elsewhere in Indiana, making it easy for us to reach Hoosiers across the state who need our help.

Our involvement in the city means that you don’t have to go too far to find someone who’s worked with us before. We encourage potential clients to ask around to find out who we are and whether or not we live up to our promises. You can read reviews from our former clients, or check out our testimonials.

Hensley Legal Group is here to help. If you’ve been injured or disabled, call us today or contact us online for a free conversation about your case. Tell us your story, and let us see if we can help. You shouldn’t have to go through this alone.

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We respect your privacy. Your personal information will only be used by Hensley Legal Group, who may contact you using modern phone equipment, which may include auto-dialers and text.