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What Actions Could Damage My SSI or SSDI Benefit Application in Indianapolis?


With the process of applying for Indiana Social Security disability benefits being so time-consuming, you’ll want to avoid any actions that could potentially damage your application. An Indiana Social Security disability attorney can help.

Any flaws on your application could lead to your claim being denied. This means waiting even longer to obtain disability benefits, if you qualify.
These actions could be detrimental to your claim for Social Security disability:

  • Not understanding ahead of time what factors are used to determine if you qualify for disability benefits
  • Exaggerating the impact your disability has on your life
  • Not providing a thorough work history
  • Missing deadlines for filing your paperwork
  • Deciding to give up, even though you may actually qualify for disability benefits
  • Failing to have legal representation working alongside you

If your application is not filled out properly and timely, you could end up extending the process. Learning all you can about how the process works and what information you will need can help significantly.

However, the best way to make sure your application is filled out correctly and submitted to the right place at the right time is to secure legal help. Consulting with an Indianapolis personal injury attorney is the best way to prevent unnecessary delays.

An attorney will be able to help you collect all of the information you need ahead of time so that when it comes time to complete your application, you are prepared. Don’t delay in seeking help from an attorney who handles Social Security claims.

A Helping Hand from an Indianapolis Disability Attorney

When you have complications with your Social Security disability benefits claim, the help of an Indianapolis disability attorney is crucial to getting the assistance you need. In order to get back on track with your Social Security benefits claim, download a copy of our complimentary eBook, 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits, then contact a Social Security attorney at Hensley Legal Group for a no-cost consultation at (317) 472-3333.