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Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyer

According to the Indiana University Public Policy Institute, Indiana saw 219,112 collisions reported in 2017, 16,910 of which involved commercial vehicles. Of course, the areas with interstates have a higher number of collisions. Our interstates and other highways in Indiana are frequently used by large trucks that can cause serious accidents.

A semi-truck collision can be devastating, leaving victims with severe physical injuries and heavy financial burdens. The effects of a truck accident can also include long-lasting physical disabilities or even the death of a loved one.

The lawyers at the law firm of the Hensley Legal Group in Indianapolis sympathize with the stress you may feel after a truck accident. We want you to recover financially and receive restitution for your losses. 

You can contact an Indianapolis truck accident lawyer with our legal team at any time. Call us for a free case review toll-free at (888) 505-8232. An Indianapolis attorney from our team can talk with you about your case online, at your home, or in our office.

Why You Should Call a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

Indianapolis truck accident lawyerTruck accidents are highly complex. Meanwhile, the insurance company is likely to work hard to deny or reduce your claim. Involving a lawyer with your case can maximize the amount of compensation you receive.

Truck accidents are complicated

The law related to a truck accident case is even more complex than with car accidents. There is often more than one party that may be held responsible for a truck collision. To meet the complex requirements to prove liability, you will need help.

What’s more, healing from an intense truck accident injury is not easy. It may be difficult to handle the complicated and time-consuming procedures. The correct processing of legal documentation is critical to your case.

Having organized and punctual Indianapolis truck accident lawyers working for you is important. We can ensure your documentation is prepared and processed without mistakes. This will give you the greatest chance of a successful outcome.

The insurance company is not on your side

Often, in trucking accidents, the trucking company will try to avoid blame. Their insurance provider may try to reduce or deny their client’s accountability.

While you heal, you do not want to have to argue with resistant insurers or fight stubborn trucking companies. A shrewd truck accident lawyer with our experienced law firm can speak with insurance adjusters and opposing lawyers on your behalf. Your Indianapolis truck accident attorney can discuss the terms of a settlement with the insurance company for you.

Victims need peace and quiet after a truck accident. The legal battles that are required after truck accidents can cause a lot of stress. That’s why you should speak to a personal injury lawyer. Our law firm can help take the pressure off the shoulders of any truck accident victim.

If you’ve experienced a truck accident, you will need an Indianapolis truck accident attorney on your side. Our truck accident lawyers can help to make sure that no one takes advantage of you.

Semi-Truck Accidents Have Special Complications

The highways and freeways in Indiana are traveled daily by semi-trucks. A commercial truck driver may use popular interstates like I-90 or I-70. These semi-trucks travel far distances, between major cities within Indiana and to other states as well.

A semi-truck accident in Indianapolis, Indiana, could easily involve a truck driver from another state. Or, the big rig could be registered to an out-of-state trucking company.

At times, neither the trucking companies nor the truck drivers will share a common state of origin. This makes truck accidents extremely confusing and complicated. In a setting like this, it is important to work with experienced truck accident attorneys who know what they are doing.

Commercial vehicle accidents involving tractor-trailers in Indianapolis can cause serious injury or even death. No matter the case, a lawyer in Indianapolis with the Hensley Legal Group can help. We can get you your compensation for medical bills and other expenses or to cover wrongful death damages.

Key Reasons to Not Delay in Hiring a Semi-Truck Attorney

After you have been injured in a truck crash, your compensation may be directly related to the evidence you are able to gather. As time passes your Indiana truck accident, the opportunity for evidence to disappear increases. The sooner you hire an Indianapolis truck accident attorney, the sooner a law firm can capture the evidence that can help secure your justice.

Although an Indiana lawsuit must be filed within two years of most truck accident cases, the evidence of your case may not last as long. The crucial physical and digital evidence can vanish, erode, or be deleted. It is therefore imperative to secure this evidence as soon as you can. Commercial truck accident attorneys should help you with this step. 

Medical reports and opinions from an expert witness can definitely influence the outcome of your case. An accident lawyer from Hensley Legal Group can both obtain and correctly present this crucial evidence.  

Frequent Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

Congested traffic, road work, and dangerous weather conditions can make traveling in Indiana difficult. A driver must always remain alert. This is especially true for drivers of tractor-trailers.

These situations become even more hazardous when a truck driver is negligent. The size of commercial trucks reduces their ability to avoid danger. The reckless driver of a commercial vehicle may respond too late in a dangerous situation.

Frequently, the cause of truck accidents is human error. Among the most typical examples of human error resulting in a truck accident are the following:

Negligence – A truck driver may make unsafe or illegal maneuvers with his large vehicle. He could disregard traffic signals, change lanes without seeing another passenger vehicle, or refuse to yield to traffic.

Speeding – A truck driver must have enough time to adjust the motion of a tractor-trailer. The large size and enormous weight reduce a commercial truck’s ability to turn or stop quickly. It is even more difficult to alter a truck’s course out of danger under bad winter conditions or in heavy rain.

Distracted driving In 2019, over 10,000 crashes in Indiana were caused by distracted driving. Texting while driving is both dangerous and illegal in Indiana. Here, a driver can’t hold or use a telecommunications device when operating a moving vehicle. This encompasses the use of a device to compose, send, read, browse, save, or retrieve electronic data; this includes e-mail, text messages, or webpages, photos, and games.

Lack of sleep When truck drivers have insufficient rest, it is easy for them to become drowsy on a long stretch of highway. For example, this could happen on the road between South Bend and Gary, Indiana, on I-90. A tractor-trailer driver who drives excessive hours can become fatigued and his or her response to road and traffic changes may be impaired. Responding too slowly or overcorrecting can occur. If the trucking company demanded unreasonable work schedules, it could be held liable.

Driving under the influence Driving commercial trucks under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal. Trucking companies are responsible for hiring drivers with no history of driving under the influence, and must administer drug tests after an accident involving one of their trucks.

Tractor-trailer load and cargo shifts – Tractor-trailer cargo can become unsecured and shift during transportation. Such a shift can throw off the center of gravity in the tractor-trailer. From there, a rollover, a jackknife, or some other crooked contortion of the truck can occur, resulting in a collision.

Truck cargo spills – Insecure truck cargo can be spilled or fall from a tractor-trailer at high speeds. As a nearby passenger vehicle swerves to avoid spilled cargo, it can collide with another vehicle or drive off the road. If the cargo is a hazardous material, the situation can become even more dangerous.

Poor road maintenance – At times, road conditions are to blame for a truck accident. The road may be in poor condition due to bad maintenance. This could cause a large truck to lose control. When this happens, a contractor could be held responsible.

Work zones – Road construction zones must have adequate warnings available for truck drivers. A large truck must have enough time to alter its speed and position if necessary. Between the barriers and traffic, there must be adequate distance to avoid construction site accidents.

Poor truck maintenance – Suitable and proper maintenance of a truck is a requirement. A truck driver can lose control because of brake failure, an incorrectly attached trailer, defective steering, and tire blowouts. Other similar mechanical-related issues can result in large-scale accidents.

Inexperience – Motor safety rules exist to prevent an inexperienced truck driver from making a bad decision. Trucking companies are required to follow these rules. If these regulations are ignored, a driver could make a mistake because of a lack of training, and the trucking company could be held accountable.

Truck accidents can happen for many reasons. These are only some of them. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help determine how and why your accident occurred.

With a thorough investigation and examination of the evidence, an Indianapolis attorney can help you. We can determine who is responsible and who is accountable for your accident and injury.

Compensation for Indianapolis Truck Accidents

truck accident attorney in Indianapolis, INIt is reasonable for you to seek appropriate and fair compensation after your truck accident and personal injury. Our truck accident lawyers with the Hensley Legal Group can help you reach that goal and obtain restitution. 

Compensation that an Indianapolis attorney can help you recover may include:

  • Medical expenses –This is related to the medical costs that are a result of your accident and may include immediate medical bills. It could also include future necessary medical costs related to the truck accident.
  • Property loss – During the accident, valuable items may have been destroyed or lost but can be compensated for. Costs associated with the repair or replacement of your vehicle may also be reimbursed.
  • Lost wages – The injuries you experience could cause you to miss work for some time, but these lost wages may be recoverable in your case. It is possible that your injuries are so severe that you can’t return to work. In this case, compensation for lost earning capacity can also be awarded.
  • Non-monetary damages for pain and suffering – A truck accident can be traumatizing. The physical pain and psychological agony can last a very long time. The stressful memories, emotions, and nightmares may call for pain and suffering compensation. 

Your accident and personal injury can cause severe stress, while you just need to recover and want your family to be cared for. You may need compensation to do this. 

It is difficult to meet all the requirements necessary to receive compensation for your personal injury, especially when you are feeling unwell. When you are a victim in pain, perhaps in a hospital, it can be absolutely overwhelming.

With an accident lawyer from the Hensley Legal Group pursuing your legal interests, you can focus on your physical recovery. Our personal injury lawyers want what is best for you and your family.

An Indianapolis Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Who Can Help You

The Hensley Legal Group law firm understands how difficult it can be after a truck accident. Our hearts go out to you and all victims of these accidents. Our strong desire is to see you relieved of the anxiety and trauma you feel after your truck accident.

We know that there is a huge financial burden placed on victims of semi-truck accidents. To help reduce your stress, our legal group works on a contingency fee basis, which means you never pay out of pocket for our services.

The legal process to get restitution after an Indianapolis truck accident may seem confusing, but our truck accident lawyers will not be overwhelmed by this process. While you focus on your physical recovery, we can focus on seeking compensation for you.

Please contact an Indianapolis truck accident lawyer with our legal team. Contact us toll-free at (888) 505-8232, or call (317) 526-1440. We can arrange a free case evaluation online, at your home, or in our office.

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