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Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding the highways and roads in and around Indianapolis on a motorcycle can be very enjoyable. At any time, though, a relaxing trip on a bike can suddenly end in a terrible accident due to another driver’s negligence. Motorcycle riders may experience severe injuries and long-term pain, but you have hope for recovery both physically and financially.

The injury lawyers with Hensley Legal Group want to help you. We understand the emotional distress that accident victims like you might feel. 

With an experienced Indianapolis attorney from our team on your side, you can receive the restitution you need. You can recover damages and be reimbursed for losses such as medical expenses and lost wages.

Contact an Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorney with Hensley Legal Group for a free consultation. We are available at any time. Call us toll-free at (317) 472-3333.

Why You Should Call an Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyers

Accidents while riding a motorcycle in Indianapolis can be devastating. You may suffer extreme physical injuries, or a crash could result in the death of a loved one.

These situations can cause a motorcycle accident victim to feel intense emotional distress. We don’t discourage clients from filing a claim without us. You can always handle a claim on your own, but an attorney knows how to maximize your recovery while taking off most of the stress. Thus, it would be extremely difficult and even inadvisable to pursue a personal injury claim on your own without legal help. Our injury lawyers can work with you so that you don’t need to worry about legal concerns and can instead just focus on recovering.

The accident lawyers with Hensley Legal Group want you to fully recover financially and receive fair restitution. Your injury attorney can skillfully use Indianapolis injury law to help you recover damages. We will examine the accident, your injuries, and how the law pertains to your case. From there, we can present you with your legal options.


You Have Limited Time to Act

Indiana does not allow an indefinite amount of time to file a lawsuit involving a motorcycle crash. The statute of limitations for a motorcycle collision is two years, typically from the date of the incident. 

Hensley Legal Group, though, knows how to get the job done in time. Our personal injury attorneys understand how Indiana law relates to local road accidents. That’s why we can help you fully investigate and prepare all the paperwork so your case can meet its deadline.

An attorney from our team can perform the following tasks for your case:

  • Accumulate evidence that establishes negligence
  • Speak with witnesses and examine and analyze their statements
  • Use witness statements to create an accurate picture of how the events of your case happened
  • Discuss your injuries with medical professionals to determine future medical costs and potential lost income
  • Research the statistics of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the location where your collision occurred to establish whether the location of your incident is especially susceptible to accidents
  • Negotiate with insurance agencies on your behalf to reach a fair settlement
  • Present your case in court, if a trial necessary

When we take on your case, an attorney at our office will work hard on your behalf, determined to see you overcome the obstacles that your injury has caused. If possible, we want to see you riding the Indiana roads just as you did before. 

Indiana Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to recent studies, motorcyclists are implicated in less than two percent of crashes in Indiana. Yet, they compose about 13 percent of the traffic deaths in the state. The number of deaths has fluctuated by around 100 persons in recent years.

About 50 percent of motorcycle collisions involved other vehicles. In accidents with multiple vehicles, the motorcyclists were at fault less than half of the time.

These facts help to present a clear picture of the frequency in which motorcyclists are harmed. A Indianapolis personal injury lawyer from our team can use these facts and those related to your collision to build you a solid case.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Indianapolis

Motorcycle riders understand the need to be very cautious. A motorcycle collision can be much worse than a car accident involving only cars. Nonetheless, motorcyclists deserve the same respect as the drivers of other motor vehicles.

A driver of a car can be easily distracted. He or she may not notice a person riding a motorcycle. When a driver is negligent, accidents involving motorcyclists can easily occur.

Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Indianapolis include:

  • The driver of a vehicle fails to make a full stop before turning right at a red stoplight
  • A driver fails to pay attention to a red light or stop sign and does not see the motorcyclist
  • A distracted driver uses a cell phone or is talking to passengers
  • A driver is texting, reading, or composing a digital message 
  • The driver fails to yield to the right-of-way
  • A driver fails to check surroundings or blind spots when changing lanes
  • A driver operates a vehicle at dangerous speeds
  • A driver leaves insufficient distance between his car and the motorcyclist
  • A driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • A driver is sleepy and slow to react

This is not a complete list of every possible cause of an Indiana motorcycle accident. An accident attorney with our firm can help you determine what and who caused your accident, and can help get you the compensation you deserve.

Was Your Motorcycle Crash Caused by Poorly Maintained Roads?

Other drivers are not the only reason a motorcyclist can crash. Roads and highways in Indiana require maintenance. These roads can be damaged by harsh winters and regular wear and tear.

Potholes can become quite large. Similar road hazards, which are not especially dangerous for a car or truck, can be dangerous to motorcycle riders. A person can lose control of a motorcycle while trying to avoid these obstacles.

Although another driver may not be involved, negligence might still be a factor. It is advantageous to speak with an attorney after an accident involving poorly maintained roads. Attorneys can help you determine whether another party holds accountability.

It could be that a government agency is responsible, but that’s where the law can become particularly complicated. Our firm’s Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorneys can help you understand this situation. 

Is the State to Blame for Your Injuries?

Perhaps no other vehicles were present when the crash occurred and it seems clear that some type of material from road construction or maintenance caused the accident. In this case, it may be the state, county, or another government agency that is to blame.

When it comes to such cases, the pursuit of justice can be complicated. There are time limitations for filing claims against government agencies, and municipalities are often shielded by immunity laws.

Hiring a law firm with attorneys who are thoroughly familiar with these regulations will be essential to your case. The lawyers at Hensley Legal Group understand Indiana’s sovereign immunity laws. We stand ready to use our familiarity and legal knowledge to help you pursue a case against any liable government agencies. 

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You Receive Compensation from Insurance Companies

After a motorcycle crash, there can be expensive medical bills and losses a victim may be facing. So what can you do? An Indiana motorcycle accident attorney can assist a seriously injured victim to recover financially by negotiating with the liable parties and the insurers on your behalf.

Insurance companies are usually slow to offer their help and are often resistant to provide coverage. This is especially true in a motorcycle crash accident.

An insurance company may imply that, since you were riding a motorcycle, the collision is your fault. They think they are not liable to pay compensation to you as an injured person. The company may also refuse to provide a settlement in a wrongful death case. 

Our firm has experienced accident attorneys who know how to handle obstinate insurance companies. We can fight for you and negotiate with the liable parties’ insurance to get you compensation for medical bills, pain, and suffering.

Compensation You Can Receive

Your goal is to get your life back to how it was before the motorcycle accident, and the attorneys with Hensley Legal Group share this goal. We are eager to assist you in pursuing justice and receiving compensation.

When insurance companies resist coverage, our attorneys can help. We can provide a motorcyclist like you with a free consultation to examine your legal options first. From there, we can use Indiana law to get you reparation for your accident.

A motorcycle accident claim can include reparation for several types of damages. These damages could include coverage of medical bills and pain and suffering. 

The following are common damages motorcyclists may recover :

  • Property damage – This could include personal property, such as the motorcycle and other items damaged that were with you when the accident occurred.
  • Lost past wages – An injured motorcyclist may not be able to work because of the accident. In this case, he or she can receive reimbursement for reduced hours or lost employment.
  • Future wages – Suppose your injuries prevent you from returning to work permanently. Compensation for those future wages can also be included.
  •  Medical expenses – Receive payment for expenses connected to injuries from the motorcycle accident. Serious injury after a crash can cause medical costs that accumulate quickly. These costs could include bills for medication. Costs can also include the hospital stay and physical therapy.
  • Pain and suffering – The distress after an accident can be intense. This misery that you can experience can also be compensated for after the accident.
  • Long-term conditions – Injured motorcyclists may be permanently disabled or disfigured and need lifelong care, which costs more.
  • Wrongful death – Accidents can also result in a wrongful death claim if a loved one dies in a collision. The funeral and burial expenses required can be costly. You can receive compensation for these and other related expenses.

All accidents involving motorcycles are unique. However, all injured persons have the right to be helped to overcome their pain and suffering and medical expenses. The Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyers at our law firm want to help motorcyclists who have experienced serious injury.

Help is Within Your Reach

The expenses related to medical treatment during this time period can seem crushing. Being unable to work due to your injuries can cause anxiety. Under these conditions, the thought of having to pay lawyer fees on top of everything else can be paralyzing.

You don’t need to worry. We understand how stressful the economic situation can be for accident victims. The hope and expectation of restitution are what the victims of a serious injury are riding on. Hensley Legal Group is conscious of your financial concerns and is here to help.

Our case strategy helps our clients address their financial concerns. Hensley Legal Group works on a contingency basis, which means that we only receive our payment after your settlement is secured: You don’t pay any legal fees out of your own pocket.

What’s more, we work to maximize your compensation so your damages are covered. We can factor into your case your injuries, medical expenditures, and damaged property. 

Hensley Legal Group is Here to Help the Victims of Indiana Motorcycle Accidents

You deserve fair treatment, as all victims of accidents in Indiana do. A lawyer from our law firm can help you get justice. We can use the law to make insurance agencies and negligent persons provide you with restitution.

Victims of vehicle accidents suffer physically, emotionally, and financially recognize that you need help. We do not want you to miss out on full financial recovery. Let an attorney from our team help you navigate the judicial road ahead. 

Please contact an Indiana accident lawyer with Hensley Legal Group at any time. Call us toll-free at (317) 472-3333. A lawyer on our team can arrange a free conversation concerning your case over the phone or online.

Hensley Legal Group is here for you.

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