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Workers’ Compensation vs. SSDI

Workers’ Compensation and SSDI: What’s the Difference?

Workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are two avenues through which people with disabilities can seek compensation. But how do you decide which program best suits you?

Here is a quick guide to determine the differences between workers’ compensation and SSDI to see which one fits your particular situation:

Circumstances of Disability:

Workers’ Compensation – Disabled on the job or injured due to employment

Social Security Disability Insurance – Disabled at any time due to any circumstance


Workers’ Compensation – Eligible from first day of employment

Social Security Disability Insurance – Must have substantial work history


Workers’ Compensation – Short-term and long-term disability

Social Security Disability Insurance – Long-term disabilities that keep a person from working in any type of employment’

Employment Status: 

Workers’ Compensation – Can still be working in some smaller capacity or for a reduced wage

Social Security Disability Insurance – Cannot be currently employed in any capacity


Workers’ Compensation – Medical benefits available immediately; cash benefits begin after a few days’ absence from work

Social Security Disability Insurance – Benefits begin only after a five-month waiting period; Medicare coverage begins only after a further two-year waiting period

Consider the circumstances of your disability and employment to determine whether workers’ compensation or SSDI is the right program for you.

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