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Syngenta Corn Lawsuits

Farmers across the country are filing lawsuits against Syngenta for selling corn seeds that were not approved in China. We are providing free legal consultations for all corn farmers, regardless of whether Syngenta corn seeds were used. There is no cost and no obligation to file a lawsuit, contact us today for more information.

Syngenta Corn Lawsuits

Syngenta Corn Lawsuit

Lawsuits are being filed because Syngenta corn seeds, known as Agrisure Viptera MIR162, were sold to farmers in the United States and marketed as a superior seed because they were resistant to insects.

Syngenta assured farmers in April of 2012 that the corn seed would be approved in China “within a matter of days”, reassuring farmers that the crops would be able to be sold in the largest market for corn in the world. Syngenta did not keep this promise, and Viptera corn seeds were not approved in China until December of 2014 – over two and half years later.

In June 2013, China found traces of Viptera corn in shipments from the US and subsequently shut down US corn imports. Starting with the first rejection of US corn due to the Syngenta seed, corn prices fell from near $7/bushel to a little under $3.30/bushel in October of 2014.

The Syngenta corn lawsuit looks to recover money for farmers who lost value to their crop from falling corn prices caused by the Viptera seed. We are providing free, no obligation evaluations for all corn farmers.

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Syngenta Corn Seeds Cost Corn Farmers Millions of Dollars

When China refused to accept US corn shipments, the supply of corn in the US rose dramatically, leading to a corresponding drop in the price of corn.

An analysis done by the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) estimated that the trade disruption with China over unapproved Syngenta Agrisure Viptera corn amounted up to a $2.9 billion loss from both corn and soy.

The USDA had predicted that China would import 7 million metric tons of corn in 2013, but as a result of the rejection of shipments due to Viptera contamination, the US only exported 1.23 million metric tons to China.

Syngenta Corn Lawsuit

Why File a Syngenta Corn Lawsuit?

Our lawyers are seeking to recover money for farmers who lost value to their crop from falling corn prices caused by the Viptera seed. We are providing free, no obligation evaluations for all corn farmers.

Farmers who believe that they were harmed by the release of Syngenta’s seed can file suit regardless of the state in which they live. It doesn’t matter if the Viptera seed was planted, as this lawsuit is focused on the damage to corn prices overall. Anyone who planted corn in 2013 and/or 2014 is potentially eligible to recover damages lost to falling corn prices.

What will the lawsuit cost me?

We work on a contingency fee basis which means we would only be paid from a recovery of your damages. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. The fee is 40% of the recovery. We are paying all expenses out of our fee.

It takes very little effort to sign up-about 10 minutes of paperwork and a signed agreement. To prove your claim we will need the following for crop years 2011-2015:

  • Seed receipts for the corn that was planted
  • Grain elevator year end summaries
  • FSA form 578
  • Crop insurance records
  • Court ordered plaintiff fact sheets

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