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The Risk of Personal Injury at Nail Salons


Many go to the nail salon as a way to relax and experience a bit of pampering. Some make a whole day out of it, and others make it a once-every-two-weeks ordeal. The one thing that many don’t consider about it is the potential danger of it. Nail salons are not excluded from the risks of premises liability.

One instance of this hits close to home. A nail salon in Anderson, Indiana is under investigation. Two clients claim that an unauthorized worker used a callous razor on their feet and cut too deeply. In one of these cases the cut became infected, and the client’s big toe had to be amputated as a result.

There have been multiple cases like this in the past years. Many salons have failed to exercise proper care in different areas. Premises liability law protects consumers from injury on the property of another person or business. The following three violations may lead to injury.

Lack of Sanitary Care


Although you may witness the pedicurist wiping down the foot tub after your pedicure, sometimes the salon’s sanitary care is not up to protocol.

For example, one major sanitary issue in a nail salon is the spread of fungus. Toenail fungus can be extremely contagious and hard to eliminate once contracted. Because of this, these salons are required to either not allow people with obvious toenail fungus to receive a pedicure, or use specific cleaning products in order to completely eliminate the infection before it can spread to the next client.

Though these rules are set in place, many nail salons still ignore them to save on costs. Therefore, no matter how sanitary the salon may appear, there can still be hygienic risks that simply cannot be seen by the human eye.

Toxic Chemicals


Another issue that many experience at nail salons is the chemicals that can often be inhaled through the air. As a result, it is not uncommon for both workers and customers to experience nausea and headaches when in this environment.

Most nail salons choose cheaper products that carry harsher chemicals such as formaldehyde. During one of these appointments, the amount of these chemicals entering your body through inhalation can be shocking.

Researchers believe that there may even be a correlation between the chemicals in these salons and fertility issues in women. In a nail salon in New York, many workers experienced either issues getting pregnant or miscarriages which researchers are linking back to the exposure to so many harsh chemicals on a day to day basis.

UV Exposure


Many people are ditching the traditional manicure with nail polish, and exploring the no-chip solutions. With this particular type of manicure, the paint will not dry without the help of a UV light. Many who prefer this option for convenience and longer lasting results tend to ignore what is actually occurring. These lights that you are exposing your bare skin to are actually emitting UVA rays, which have been proven by multiple studies to have skin-damaging effects that many times even lead to cancer.

Help from an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

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