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Muncie, IN Disability Attorneys

Hensley Legal Group can help you get the Social Security disability benefits you deserve. Contact us today.

How a Local Muncie Disability Attorney Can Help

Hensley Legal Group may have opened a local office in Muncie in the spring of 2018, but we’ve been helping Muncie residents apply for Social Security disability benefits for years. Our Muncie disability attorneys have the strength to make a difference in your claim.

Although Social Security is a federal and state program, you’d be surprised at how much comes down to local communities. After a couple of denials, disability applicants can appeal their case before a local judge. Muncie residents spend an average of 10 months just waiting for this hearing.

A Muncie disability attorney has experience representing cases in front of the very judges you may appeal to. Don’t let the 10 months you spend waiting go to waste. A Muncie disability lawyer can spend that time building your case so you’re fully prepared when your hearing finally comes.

Muncie disability lawyers can step into the disability application process on your behalf at any point. Whether you’re filing for the first time, submitting an appeal, or preparing for your hearing, call our local Muncie office or fill out our online form for a free conversation about your disability claim.

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A Risk-Free Guarantee from Your Muncie Disability Lawyers

Many people assume that they can’t hire an attorney, no matter what legal battle they’re facing. When it comes to applying for disability benefits, that line of thinking becomes even more persuasive. How can a person afford an attorney if they’re telling the government they can’t make ends meet due to their disability?

At Hensley Legal Group, we make it easy to get the experienced legal representation you deserve without the expenses typically associated with attorneys. We offer our clients a risk-free guarantee by working on contingency.

What does that mean? Simply put, it means that unless and until you get approved for disability benefits, you won’t owe us a single penny.

Our Muncie disability attorneys will spend months, even years fighting for the disability benefits you deserve, all for free. If we don’t secure benefits for you in the end, you won’t owe us at all.

If we do get you approved for Social Security disability benefits at or before your hearing, our attorneys will never take more than 25 percent of your past due benefits, capped at $6,000. In rare cases where we file federal appeals, our fee may change, but you’ll never have to proceed to a federal appeal unless you choose to do so. No one can make that decision for you, and Social Security regulates our fees no matter what stage in the process you’re at.

Filing for Social Security disability benefits can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating. Hensley Legal Group is here to help. Be sure to download our free ebook, Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits, for more information on how to apply for Social Security disability. When you’re ready, contact us online or call our local Muncie office for a free conversation about your claim. We’re available 24/7.

Free Help From A Muncie Disability Attorney