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John Hensley and his team of personal injury lawyers are ready to serve those who are injured or disabled in Fishers. Since 1998, Hensley Legal Group has fought for injured victims’ rights to compensation and for disabled individuals to get the Social Security disability benefits they deserve.

Our Fishers injury attorneys represent individuals in a variety of cases. Click or tap one of the buttons below to learn more about the different kinds of cases we can help with.

Why Fishers?

Far from being simply a suburb of Indianapolis, Fishers is its own city with a storied past, exciting present, and promising future. Since 1990, the population of Fishers has skyrocketed from roughly 7,500 to 91,000 in 2017. It’s grown more over the past 20 years than either of its neighbors, Carmel and Noblesville.

And yet, Fishers suffers from the same problems that plague all cities when they’re being their most innovative. New street improvement plans may lead to congested construction zones; new apartment buildings may lead to trip hazards for residents; shorter timelines for office buildings may lead to unsafe work conditions for construction workers. All of these circumstances have the potential to lead to a personal injury.

A personal injury is an injury suffered due to the negligence of someone else: a business owner, property manager, employer, driver, or even a dog owner. Personal injuries occur to people through no fault of their own. Because of this, Indiana law agrees that the person or entity responsible for the injury should pay for the victim’s medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and a whole host of other potential damages.

Personal injuries deserve personal care and attention. That’s one reason why Hensley Legal Group opened an office in Fishers in the fall of 2018. With our Fishers office, we’re able to serve our fellow Hoosiers not only in downtown Indianapolis, but throughout the counties surrounding our state capital.

A Risk-Free Guarantee From Your Local Fishers Injury Lawyers



If you’re struggling to make ends meet due to your disability or watching the medical bills pile up for your personal injury, the last thing you want to do is spend money on an attorney.

That is why our Fishers lawyers work on contingency. Essentially, it means that if you don’t get paid, we don’t, either.

It’s how we can offer our clients a risk-free guarantee. Most injured victims or disabled individuals are worried about risking lots of money in upfront fees for an attorney who may or may not recover compensation for you. At Hensley Legal Group, that’s not the case. We’ll work for you for months, even years, without receiving a single penny of payment unless and until we secure compensation on your behalf.

If you don’t get a settlement or award for your personal injury, or if you don’t get approved for disability benefits, you won’t owe us anything.

If we do recover compensation for you, our fees depend on the type of case you have with our office. Typically, our fee is 33.3 percent, or one-third, of your settlement. If you choose to file a lawsuit (something no one will ever force you to do), our fee becomes 40 percent of your settlement or award to cover the costs of preparing for trial.

With Social Security, however, our fee is only 25 percent of your past due benefits, and it’s capped at a maximum of $6,000. Our fee may change if we have to file a federal appeal, but most people get approved well before then.

If you have questions about our fees, call our local Fishers office or contact us online for a free case review. Our Fishers attorneys will walk you through our process and make sure you understand how and when we may receive payment.

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Not only do we work for free for our clients unless and until they receive compensation, but we also offer free services to prospective clients. If you’re wondering whether or not you need a Fishers injury attorney, you can contact us online or call our local Fishers office for a free conversation about your case. There’s no obligation — we’ll answer your questions and hopefully point you in the right direction, free of charge. We’ll even come to you and meet you in person to go over your questions at your home or place of business.

We offer a variety of free ebooks online for individuals to download. If you have questions about applying for Social Security disability benefits, what to do after you’ve been injured in an accident, or how to handle your property damage, be sure to download one of our ebooks for more information.

If you choose to hire us, you can expect to be treated like family. Hensley Legal Group offers every client a 12-part client services guarantee so they know what kind of service they can expect from us. The number one complaint law firms hear is that they don’t answer their phones. At Hensley Legal Group, you can expect quality, compassionate service and easy accessibility to our attorneys and case managers.

Hensley Legal Group is here to help. If you’re injured through no fault of your own or disabled and struggling to pay the bills, Hensley Legal Group can help.

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Rhonda Houser

Five Star Review

They not only work hard on your case but treat you with respect. They make sure you understand what is happening and what to expect. I have full confident in their legal abilities, and I am thankful for all the help they had given me.

Other - 2021


Five Star Review

I could not be more grateful to HLG and their diligent and elite work has done far more than I could ever have optimistically hope for. There is no other group I would trust with my legal needs.

Other - 2021

Patricia Allen

Five Star Review

Hensley Legal Group did a great job. My case took a while to resolve but they were very nice and even sent me a birthday and Christmas card.

Other - 2021

Sarah Stamper

Five Star Review

Excellent people. Kind and informative throughout the process. I would recommend this firm highly. Thank you all for your commitment to my case. I feel like my family can now face the future with hope.

Other - 2022

Doris Smith

Five Star Review

I was so happy with the service Hensley Legal Group provided for me. They were so professional, and cared about me, reassuring me when I wasn't always in a good place. They let me know that everything was going to be alright! if I had any questions or needed anything, they were there for me, and gave me quality service.

Other - 2021

Amy Holmes

Five Star Review

The Hensley Legal Group was very professional and easy to talk too. When I had questions, they responded right away

Other - 2021

Five Star Review

Jennifer Artie - Other

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