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How Soon After My Indianapolis Car Accident Involving a Tractor-Trailer Should I Contact an Indiana Injury Attorney?


As the victim of an Indianapolis car accident involving a tractor-trailer, you should contact an Indiana injury attorney as soon as you are capable. The faster you contact an attorney, the sooner he or she can start the process of studying the accident scene, gathering evidence and tracking down witnesses.

If you wait too long to contact an Indianapolis injury attorney, evidence that points to truck driver negligence could be lost or destroyed. This will make it difficult for the attorney to conduct a thorough investigation of your Indianapolis car accident.

Accidents involving a tractor-trailer can be very complex because of all the potential defendants involved. Your attorney may be tasked with proving negligence against the:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Truck manufacturer
  • Company responsible for maintaining the truck

To preserve your legal rights, you should seek immediate medical treatment for yourself and your passengers, make sure police have been called to file a report, and get contact information from any witnesses. Your next step is to meet with an Indiana injury attorney.

It would be a good idea to write down everything you remember about the accident involving the truck while it is still fresh in your mind, and save this information for your attorney. You should also keep a pain journal to share with your attorney. This journal should be updated several times a day with entries on your pain level, the medication you are taking, and how your life has been altered since the accident. This will help your attorney place a value on your pain and suffering.

A Helping Hand from a Law Firm in Indianapolis

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