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An Indianapolis Injury Lawyer Referred to My Accident in Indiana as Involving A “Commercial Truck.” What Constitutes a Commercial Truck?


A commercial truck is any truck that is used for business and/or for transporting commercial goods, and law firms in Indianapolis can help explain exactly how the commercial truck laws pertain to your accident in Indiana. If you have been involved in a truck accident in Indiana, you will want to bring all the details of your case to an Indianapolis injury lawyer.

Types of Commercial Trucks That May Cause an Accident in Indiana

Most people only think of semi-trucks when they hear the term “commercial trucks,” but they can also include the following:

  • Tanker trucks
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Other large freight trucks

Commercial trucks can be used for both local business deliveries or for longer-distance travel. There were more than 13,000 large truck collisions in Indiana in 2010, and unfortunately, that number is on the rise, according to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

A large, fully loaded commercial truck can weigh approximately 80,000 pounds.  Conversely, regular passenger vehicles may weigh approximately 3,000 pounds.

Naturally, due to their sheer size, commercial trucks often result in serious injuries or even fatalities. Most of these truck accidents occur in urban areas, usually on interstates and city roads.

Law firms in Indianapolis work with victims after an accident in Indiana, carefully investigating the case and determining the best legal route in each situation. If you have been in an accident in Indiana that involves a commercial truck, seek the advice of an Indianapolis injury lawyer before proceeding with your claim.

A Helping Hand from an Indianapolis Injury Lawyer

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