Can a Harley Davidson Wobble Cause an Accident? | FAQ

What Is the Harley Davidson Wobble and How Might It Contribute to a Motorcycle Accident in Indiana?


The Harley Davidson wobble is a dangerous problem many people are experiencing with their bike’s suspension system that may lead to a motorcycle accident. In Indiana, if you are injured in an accident because of a problem like this, you may be able to seek compensation, but you will need to first run your case by an Indianapolis injury lawyer that serves Indiana residents.

The Harley Davidson wobble, also referred to as the death wobble, is the name given to the problem people experience because of the way the engine is mounted into the frame.

Basically, the swing arm (the suspension part of the bike that serves as the pivot point)is mounted to the rear end of the transmission on the Harley motorcycles. This can create a degree of elasticity between the swing arm and the frame.
This could cause people to lose control of their bike, especially at high speeds, increasing the risk for a motorcycle accident. In Indiana, if your accident was caused by a person or a company’s negligence, you may be able to recover financial compensation for your injuries.

It is important to note that Harley Davidson has not yet admitted to the defect or recalled the motorcycles. That does not mean that you can’t still file a claim for your injuries.

If you think your motorcycle accident in Indiana was caused by the Harley wobble, or because of some other factor that was not your fault, the best thing to do is to contact an Indianapolis injury lawyer and see exactly your legal options.

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