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Lafayette, IN Product Liability Lawyer

Most Hoosiers would not buy a product advertised as “unreasonably dangerous.” Yet, without realizing it, thousands of Americans purchase items with dangerous defects.

If a defective product injured you or a close family member, the Indiana Product Liability Act enables you to pursue damages for your losses. Damages are financial compensation for harm, such as injuries to your health, property, or ability to support yourself.

Getting a fair amount of damages can be difficult, but Hensley Legal Group has the strength to make the difference. Contact us to find out how we can help you prove your case.

How to Establish Product Liability

Under Indiana law, designers, manufacturers, and sellers can be held liable for personal injury caused by their product, but they may try to dodge responsibility by arguing that there was nothing wrong with the item. 

A product liability lawyer establishes liability by proving:

  1. No reasonable person could foresee the defective condition of the item
  2. When used, operated, or eaten in expected ways, the product exposes users or consumers to unreasonable risks

Warnings and instructions

Some products, such as prescription drugs and machinery, could carry an unavoidable risk of injury. According to Indiana product liability law, consumers should be warned and instructed on how to minimize the possibility of an accident.

An experienced personal injury lawyer could build a strong liability case if the seller fails to: 

  • Include warnings on labels or packaging
  • Provide complete instructions on proper use

Express warranty

Our law firm can also help you with express warranty cases. An express warranty is a promise relating to one of the following features of a product:

  • Sale
  • Quality
  • Condition
  • Performance
  • Efficacy
  • Use
  • Durability

Broken guarantee

Sellers and distributors often offer these assurances to convince you to buy their products. The consequences for breaking such a guarantee could include:

  • Free repairs
  • Refunds for returned products
  • Exchanges
  • Shipping, removal, or transportation costs

You are welcome to contact Hensley Legal Group whether you are unsure or convinced that a defective product caused your injury. Our personal injury team serving Lafayette can review your case and let you know whether you are eligible to receive substantial compensation.

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Filing Lafayette Product Liability Cases on Time

Defective products could cost manufacturers and their insurance companies millions of dollars. If you miss a deadline when filing your case, the liable party is not likely to be forgiving.

When you file a personal injury claim in Lafayette, IN, there is also pressure to meet the statute of limitations.Product liability claims must be filed within this specific time frame from the date of your injuries or time of purchase.

Meeting deadlines is especially challenging when you do not understand Indiana laws regarding defective products. Getting legal assistance can bring you peace of mind, but also ensures that you will be able to file your case before it is too late.

Getting Maximum Benefits from Indiana Product Liability Cases

Since each case is unique, the settlement amounts vary among product liability cases. Yet, many injured parties agree that maximizing benefits reduces economic worries and provides a sense of justice served.

Let’s talk about the types of compensation our law firm, Hensley Legal Group, has won for personal injury clients.

Medical bills

What sounds like a lot of money may not cover the cost of one surgery or a short hospital stay in the United States. If you accept a settlement without consulting an attorney, you might regret it later.

Often, the full extent of medical expenses may not be apparent until a person has fully recovered, not that you are likely to be able to wait so long to resolve your claim. This is why you should never assume that a quick settlement will meet your long-term needs.

A lawyer can help you see the big picture and get proper compensation for injury-related bills:

  • Hospital stays
  • Emergency care
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgeries
  • Prescription drugs
  • Travel to and from medical facilities

Checking to make sure you can be compensated to get the treatment you need won’t cost you a thing since initial consultations with Hensley Legal Group are always free. Why not make your appointment today by calling our Lafayette team at 317-563-7150?

Death expenses

When a product causes death, you could have the basis for a wrongful death claim. As a close family member (or representative of the estate), you can seek compensation for:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • The loss of the deceased expected future income
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering

Spouses can recover additional compensation for the loss of their partner’s love and companionship.

Punitive damages

What if it seems the liable party was intentionally or unforgivably negligent? Were they aware of the product’s hazards and carelessly failed to warn the public or remove the product from the shelves?

In some cases, courts punish companies and individuals for their wrongdoing by requiring them to pay punitive damages. These types of settlements also send a warning to others that such actions are intolerable.

Making the Right Decision for You

Our law firm defends our clients’ rights by investigating all the factors that influence the value of a settlement, namely:

  • What kind of injuries you have
  • The severity and long-term impact of your injuries
  • How clear it is that the product was at fault
  • How cooperative the at-fault party is

Making good legal decisions takes experience and the strength to make a difference. You don’t have to do it on your own.

Our personal injury lawyers are ready to guide you if you or a loved one has been injured in Indiana. Contact Hensley Legal Group without delay to discuss your case free of charge over the phone, online, or at our local law office.