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How Much Will a Car Accident Lawyer Cost Me?

One of the biggest fears when hiring a lawyer is that it won’t be worth the cost. You’re worried that you can’t afford to hire one to begin with, or you’re hoping that you’ll save money by trying to deal with the insurance company yourself.

At Hensley Legal Group, we serve all people regardless of income. That’s why we operate on a contingency fee.

What Is a Contingency Fee?


A contingency fee means you only pay your attorneys if they recover a settlement for you.

Other law practices charge hourly fees or retainers for their services, but with most car accident lawyers, you only pay a contingency fee once at the end of your case. If your attorneys don’t achieve a settlement for you, you don’t owe a penny.

For car accident cases, our contingency fee at Hensley Legal Group is one-third of your settlement: 33.3 percent. If you choose to proceed to trial, the fee becomes 40 percent. However, the majority of cases are settled before trial.

What About Other Costs?

Of course, other costs might crop up during your case: medical record fees, police report fees, court filing fees, etc. Who pays those?

At Hensley Legal Group, we don’t expect you to pay any upfront costs. When these extra fees arise, we simply pay them. We will then be repaid out of your settlement.

What If My Case Goes to Court?

Your case will only go to court if you decide to file a lawsuit and we cannot negotiate a fair settlement for you before trial. If your case goes to court, our contingency fee becomes 40 percent to cover the extra costs associated with going to trial.

If you go to court and the jury does not award you a settlement, you don’t owe us anything.


I Have Medical Bills to Pay—Can You Decrease Your Fee?

We cannot decrease our fee, but since you have hired an attorney, we can work with medical providers to reduce your medical bills for you. Typically, you can only have your medical bills reduced if you have hired an attorney.

Our Promises to You

We cannot promise our fees will be low, but we can promise that they will always be fair.

We promise that if you hire us and we fail to recover a settlement for you, you will never owe us a single penny.

We promise to work hard every day to make sure you get the settlement you deserve for your car accident, slip and fall, or injury case.

We promise not only to earn our fees, but also to earn your trust as a law firm worthy to represent you when you need it most.