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How Soon After the Accident Do I Have to File a Claim? Is There a Time Limit? I Didn’t Realize I Was Hurt Until After.

If you’ve been injured in an Indiana car accident, it’s important to focus on getting medical treatment and getting back on your feet. However, if you’re thinking about filing a claim with insurance, it’s important to start thinking about what sort of evidence you might need, even if you don’t file for a couple months or even further down the line.

How Long Do I Have?


In Indiana, the statute of limitations puts a time limit on your Indiana car accident claim. You have two years to file a claim from the date of the accident or from the date you discovered your injury (or reasonably should have discovered it).

If the deadline passes, you will not be able to sue for damages. It’s a good idea to hire an Indiana car accident attorney who can make sure you’re staying on track with your claim and file your claim before your time runs out.

Even though you have two years to file a claim, you probably will still run into problems if you wait too long to hire an attorney. If, for example, you contact an attorney the day before your statute of limitations deadline, they will likely be unable to help you. Indiana car accident attorneys need enough time to gather evidence to support your claim. It’s critical to get an attorney involved as soon as possible so they can secure evidence that may have otherwise disappeared over time.

Also, waiting to contact an attorney can harm your case because the defendant may argue that your injuries aren’t as severe as you’ve claimed them to be. If you talk to an attorney early on, they can impress upon you the importance of seeking medical care and documenting your medical treatments, even if you initially think your injuries are minor.

Help from an Indiana Car Accident Attorney

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