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Does My Heart Transplant Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?


This year, the Evansville community was moved when a teenager from Newburgh, a neighboring town, got to meet his golfing role model. The teen, Brian Felker, had undergone a lot more than most kids his age have to face. In his short life, he had already undergone a heart transplant. Despite these medical trials he has been through, Brian has never stopped playing the game he loves: golf.

Brian had the opportunity to go to the United Leasing and Finance Championship for the first time this year, and it was there that he had the opportunity to meet golfing legend, and fellow heart transplant recipient, Eric Kompton.

Heart Conditions that Qualify for Disability Benefits


Like Brian, there are many people in the Evansville community and the surrounding communities that suffer from heart complications. If you received or are in need of a heart transplant, you could qualify for Social Security disability benefits. There are a few essential aspects that the SSA will evaluate to determine if you qualify.

  • Heart Failure: If your heart is failing and medical professionals have determined that you are in need of a new heart, the SSA will consider the quality of your current life and needs before the transplant. Medical professional opinion will play a major role in the decision process. In addition, the SSA will also consider the risks and complications involved in the procedure itself when making a decision.
  • Rejection of a New Heart: Once the heart transplant is completed, there is still risk that your body will reject the donor heart. In this case, the SSA will evaluate your situation under their Compassionate Allowance Program, which is designed to expedite the decision process involved in the case. You will still qualify for this program if your medical professional chooses to put you back on the waiting list to undergo a new heart transplant.
  • Waiting Process: Decisions are not always made as quickly as they need be in these situations. There are even extremely unfortunate cases where these decisions must be expedited because death is expected within the next sixth months. In these cases of progressive illness, the person can be eligible for an expedited process through the Compassionate Allowance Program.
  • Complications from Anti-Rejection Medications: In some cases, the anti-rejection drugs cause more physical issues that the transplant itself. These drugs are non-negotiable after a transplant as they help prevent your body from attacking the new organ. However, they do not come without side effects. If these side effects are altering your ability to properly function, they will be considered by the SSA when evaluating your need for disability benefits.

Help from an Evansville Social Security Disability Attorney

If you are in need of a heart transplant or you have recently undergone a heart transplant, the last thing that you need on your plate is the stress of dealing with the SSA. Hensley Legal Group has a team of professionals willing to help you with the application process to increase your chances of approval. Call Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation or contact us online.