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I Have Autism. Can I Qualify for Disability Benefits?


Last April, the town of Evansville gathered at nine in the morning to help support a good cause. It was the city’s seventh annual Autism Evansville Walk & 5K, designed to help local families and community members who have autism.

Sometimes, it takes an event like this to raise awareness and realize how many other people are also experiencing the difficulties of this condition. Autism affects many people in many different ways, including challenges with social interactions, repetitive behavior, and complications with communication. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes that about one in 59 children in the United States have autism.

The effects of autism vary from person to person. Many adults with autism are able to work and support themselves; in fact, some adults flourish in certain jobs specifically because of their autism. For some adults, however, autism can prevent them from being able to work. In these cases, adults with autism who cannot work may be able to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. To determine whether or not someone qualifies to receive these benefits, a few main factors are measured and considered:



The ability to concentrate, at least to a certain extent, is a quality that most jobs will require of an employee. When people are physically unable to do this, then they cannot be reasonably expected to support themselves financially. To measure someone’s ability to focus, the person may be either observed by professionals or asked to take a standardized test. These results could play a huge role in whether or not a person qualifies for Social Security disability benefits.

Communication Function


To be able to function in most job atmospheres, a person must be able to communicate to a certain extent. They must be able to understand the things being said to them and know how to respond. If someone’s condition prevents this ability, the person may need another means of support and may, therefore, qualify for disability benefits.



A huge factor in the decision-making process for disability benefits is a person’s ability to function on their own in terms of self-care. A person must be able to take care of any of their own hygienic and nutritional needs. They must also be able to manage their behavior and emotions to an extent that allows them to function out in public. If they are unable to take proper care of their own needs, they may be unable to hold a job.

Help from an Evansville Disability Attorney

Because some adults with autism struggle specifically with communication and focus, many find themselves incredibly overwhelmed by the application process for disability benefits. Many find it helpful to work through this process with an experienced disability attorney.  If you believe you may qualify from Social Security disability benefits, call Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation, or contact us online.