3 Tips to Ride Safely in Evansville on Your New Motorcycle

3 Tips to Ride Safely in Evansville on Your New Motorcycle


Did you get a new motorcycle for Christmas? Whether someone really wanted to impress you or you just decided to treat yourself this holiday season, what matters now is that you own the bike of your dreams. Go ahead, take a minute to soak it all in. Now, before you hop on for your first joyride, take a moment to refresh yourself of safe riding habits. After all, the most expensive motorcycle isn’t worth getting injured or killed because of poor safety measures.

Get out Your Gear


You’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, which means you’re prepared with great riding gear for any weather, right? Now’s your chance to break in your riding boots, wind and waterproof jacket, and pristine protective gloves.

High quality gear is important for several reasons. Especially in these colder months, insulated clothing will keep you warm as you ride, which is not only important for your comfort but also your safety; you wouldn’t want to be shivering as you race down the highway. In addition, well-designed motorcycle gear will come with protective armor to protect your chest, back, and joints in case of a crash.

Put on Your Helmet


Let’s hope whoever bought you that great motorcycle also thought to include a helmet in the gift box, because without one, your risk of injury greatly increases. Fully enclosed helmets also protect your eyes, face, and ears from debris and wind noise while on a ride.

Did you know that the sound of rushing wind past your ears at 65 miles per hour is almost 100 decibels (dB)? At this noise level, you can withstand hearing damage at only two hours of exposure every day. The faster you go, the shorter it takes to damage your ears. Wearing a fully enclosed helmet won’t completely protect you from hearing damage on your bike, but it can help reduce wind noise to safer levels.

According to the Indiana State Police, only between 35 and 47 percent of motorcyclists wear helmets. Looking at crash statistics, it’s clear that those who are involved in motorcycle collisions are much more likely to be injured or be killed when they don’t wear a helmet. No one plans to get involved in a motorcycle accident, but preparing for the worst may save you from the worst-case scenario.

Ride Smart


If this is your first bike, you may not feel tempted to rip out of the garage and start popping wheelies around your neighborhood, but a more experienced rider might be tempted. Tricks and other motorcycle stunts are extremely dangerous to perform on trafficked roads. These maneuvers make it nearly impossible to react quickly to sudden changes around you and often place the rider in unstable positions on the bike anyway. Save the stunts for the race track.

In addition, be careful riding in poor visibility. According to Indiana police, not being seen by other drivers on the road is a major cause of motorcycle accidents. They recommend keeping your headlight on at all times — day and night — to increase your visibility to other drivers, and using your turn signal as if you were a passenger car.

Finally, take up space on the road. Motorcyclists are entitled to the entire width of a lane to help protect them from collisions. Although your vehicle could technically (although illegally) squeeze through stopped cars on the highway, pretend as if you’re as wide as a semi truck and stay back. This precaution keeps you safe and other drivers calm.

Evansville Motorcycle Accident Attorneys on Your Side

Did you and your brand-new bike get smashed up in an accident? Although it pays to be safe on the road, you can’t avoid every hazard. If you’re hurt and aren’t sure what to do, call the local Evansville motorcycle accident attorneys at Hensley Legal Group. Our personal injury lawyers have experience handling motorcycle claims and may be able to get you compensation for your injuries. Contact us today and receive a free consultation of your case.