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What Should I Do if I’m Injured in a Car Accident in Merrillville?

Car AccidentWe know how much the residents of Merrillville enjoy their community. It’s a wonderful city in the Hoosier state to live, work, and play. But there may be times when you suffer injuries. You need to know who you can trust during your time of need. 

It doesn’t matter how you sustained your personal injury. The attorneys at Hensley Legal Group care about your case and want to help you pursue the compensation you deserve. 

When you’re ready to talk about your case, we will be here. Please call us at (317) 472-3333, chat, or use the contact form online. 

Will a personal injury lawyer be able to help if I’m injured in a car accident?

Residents of Merrillville are proud to be part of the Hoosier state. However, the city’s proximity to Chicago means that there is a significant amount of traffic that comes through. Elevated traffic levels mean that there is an increased risk for car accidents, which can be absolutely devastating. 

It doesn’t matter if you were in a collision with another passenger vehicle, a semi truck, or a motorcycle. The attorneys at Hensley Legal Group in Merrillville want to hear about your case and fight for your right to compensation.

Each case is different, but your Merrillville personal injury lawyer will go above and beyond to help you understand your case and what kind of compensation you might be eligible to receive. Compensation is often awarded based on the severity of the accident and different factors involved. 

This is not a complete list, but some examples of damages you can recover include:

  • Medical bills, both existing and future
  • Property damage 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Lost wages while you recover from the accident
  • Future earnings 

Your personal injury attorney will go over your case in depth with you and help you understand a little bit more. But when you choose to hire an attorney from Hensley Legal Group, you can rest easy knowing that your attorney wants to go above and beyond to help.

Car accidents are unfortunately common in Lake County

Merrillville is just a short drive from both Lake Michigan and Chicago. There’s a lot to see and do here, but everyone needs to be careful on the road. 

In 2019, there were 17,821 total car accidents in Lake County. Out of all 92 Indiana counties, Lake County ranked second that year for the highest number of crashes. Only Marion County, home to Indianapolis, had more crashes. 

Of these accidents, 2,596 resulted in injuries and 43 resulted in fatalities. The sad truth is that many of these accidents could have been prevented through defensive driving measures.  

According to information released by the state of Indiana, 106 people died in car accidents where alcohol was a factor. Even one death as a result of an accident is one too many, but we can all make smart choices when it comes to alcohol and driving. 

For starters, no one should ever drive impaired. If you’ve had too much to drink, don’t risk it. It’s better to struggle to find a ride home than it is to risk your life or the life of anyone else who might be out on the road. 

Additionally, you should be on the lookout for other drivers on the road who might be impaired. You might be an incredibly safe and responsible driver, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is. Keep an eye out and give other drivers on the road lots of space. 

So what can a Merrillville personal injury attorney do for me?

When you go for a drive through Merrillville, you should be able to feel safe on the road. But even the safest drivers can get involved in a car accident at some point or another. 

If you were involved in a car accident and sustained injuries, know that you don’t have to go through it alone. If you weren’t at fault for the accident, you shouldn’t have to pay a penny. Expenses may add up rather quickly, but this is where your personal injury attorney can step in and lend a hand.

You can trust the lawyers at Hensley Legal Group to handle your case with care. When you choose to work with members of our team, we’ll always go above and beyond to help with your case. Time and time again, we’ve helped Hoosiers in your shoes. We’d be happy to help you too.

Our personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency basis, which means that we only get paid if we help you win your case. If you don’t receive compensation for your personal injury lawsuit, you don’t owe us anything. 

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Trust a Merrillville personal injury lawyer to handle your case.