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Ways to Strengthen Your Evansville Social Security Disability Claim


When applying for Social Security disability benefits, many people go through hardships. The last thing anyone needs in these times is to add insult to injury by receiving a rejection for these benefits. However, for many, this is the outcome.

Most applications are initially denied, and the application process is long and tedious. While there is no surefire way to get your application approved, there are some steps to take to decrease the chances of being denied.

File at the Right Time


There are many different opinions in this area. Some would recommend that as soon as you develop an illness which will impair your ability to work, you should apply for the benefits. Others would suggest that you wait to see where the illness goes, and ensure that you will be out of work for at least a year. The issue to keep in mind is, no matter when you apply, the process will likely be long, so it is not recommended to wait until the benefits are vital.

File Online or Through the Mail


While this decision would not necessarily impact your likelihood of being approved, it is important to note that the process tends to move much faster when you apply online.

Talk to Your Doctor


In the process of applying for disability, it is extremely beneficial to have your doctor’s support throughout the process. While this is not necessary in order to receive benefits, it can be helpful throughout the application process and will likely have a strong influence on your chances of being approved.

Document Your Condition with Medical Records


Your medical records are essential when applying for Social Security disability benefits. Your medical records document your condition every time you have a doctor’s appointment. It’s important to continue to see your doctor while you wait for approval so there are plenty of medical records for Social Security to evaluate.

Social Security will typically access your medical records during your initial application and a request for reconsideration, but if you need to file a request for hearing, it’s a good idea to hire an Evansville disability attorney to request your records for you.

Backup Plan


It is important to note that many times, this process of applying for Social Security disability benefits can take a long time, and therefore, it is important that you have a backup plan to cover your most vital expenses. For example, healthcare is one expense that is necessary. Be sure to utilize all medical options available, like free medical clinics, during this waiting period.

Help from an Evansville Disability Lawyer

If you live in the Evansville area and you are planning to apply for Social Security disability benefits, the task at hand can seem long and tedious. Don’t tackle this alone. Contact Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation or contact us online.  Let us help to guide you throughout this entire process.