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Trust an Indianapolis Slip and Fall Lawyer to Advise you after your Accident

Slip and Fall Did you know that personal injury law also encompasses slip and fall cases? Many people think about car accidents when it comes to personal injury claims, but there are so many different reasons that a person may need financial compensation for their injuries after an accident. In a nutshell, if you were injured in an accident and another party is to blame, you could very well be eligible to file a personal injury claim. 

Slip and falls are incredibly common causes of injuries in the Hoosier state. In fact, our team handles many of these cases each and every year. While we never guarantee any results, we have a proven track record of helping our clients recover damages after their own slip and fall accident. 

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Be prepared – slip and fall cases can happen at any time

Slip and fall cases can happen anywhere. They could happen at work, at someone else’s house, or even in public settings like the mall or the grocery. Many people trip every day and don’t sustain serious injuries. But sometimes, slips and falls can cause quite a bit of damage. 

During the winter months in Indiana, the risk of slips, trips, and falls greatly increases. Snowy and icy conditions don’t just make the roads dangerous – they can pose significant risks for pedestrians too. 

The CDC says that “spills, ice, snow, rain, loose mats, rugs, and stepladders” are generally the leading causes of slip and fall accidents. Falling under any circumstances can be painful, but sometimes the accident can result in incredibly serious injuries. 

If you slip and fall, it’s possible to sustain the following injuries: 

  • Bumps, scrapes, and bruises
  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Neck and spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries including concussions or even traumatic brain injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Paralysis

Of course, this isn’t an extensive list. If you experience a fall, it’s a very good idea to get examined by a professional healthcare worker. Many people do walk away from falls with minimal damage. But if your injuries are serious enough and completely life-altering, you may be eligible to recover damages. 

Keep your eyes peeled for potential fall risks

You can prevent injuries from occurring in the workplace by following proper safety regulations and wearing the right gear, such as slip-resistant shoes. Most businesses have rules in place to specifically prevent these types of injuries from happening. And when you see a spill, loose mat, or other fall risk, alert management and take care of the situation as soon as possible. 

Even if you’re not at work, it pays to keep an eye out for unsafe or hazardous conditions. If you’re spending time at a commercial or public establishment somewhere in Indianapolis, check for wet floor signs. Facilities will put these out to warn the public when there has been a spill or slippery conditions and they haven’t had time to handle it yet. During the winter months, take extra care at the entrances of buildings. Many people track snow and slush inside and it can become dangerous for others. 

Reach out and let’s talk about your own slip and fall accident

If you recently suffered a slip and fall injury and need excellent representation, we’re on your side. When you choose to work with the team at Hensley Legal Group, we will set you up with a qualified, experienced Indianapolis slip and fall lawyer that will fight for you. 

Our team has years of experience handling slip and fall cases, so please don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for assistance. You can even visit our website and have a look at some of our client reviews that speak to our reputation. 

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If you need an effective Indianapolis slip and fall lawyer, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with us soon and let’s go over your case together.