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Things to Consider When Buying a Family Vehicle

Buying a vehicle is an important purchase, and naturally, you should do your homework so you have the appropriate information when buying a family vehicle. Take the time to carefully consider what features will suit your family’s needs and budget, and one that is reliable and safe.

What features are important to you?

Of course you want a car that is affordable, dependable, and safe. But what other personal concerns are important to you? Do you want a car with lots of storage room and trunk space? Is a top-notch rear entertainment system to keep the kids occupied a must-have? Perhaps fuel economy is at the top of your list.

Prioritize your needs and preferences and use your list as the basis for your search. Consumer Reports advise: “In general, parents should focus their search on a vehicle with a roomy and versatile interior, plenty of cargo space, ease of access, and windows that make it easy for kids to look outside.”

David Champion, the director of Consumer Reports’s Auto Test Facility, goes on to explain that “If [the kids] can see what’s going on, kids are much happier. If the back seat is low, they can’t look out the window. And that can trigger boredom and bickering among siblings.”

Check the Safety Ratings

Also make sure the cars you’re considering have a high safety rating. You can start by perusing the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Safercar.gov database. The database is part of the 5-Star Safety Ratings Program that provides consumers with information about vehicles’ crash protection and rollover safety.

On Safercar.gov, you can search for vehicles by:

  • model;
  • class;
  • manufacturer, or
  • you can compare safety ratings between two vehicles.

It’s a valuable free resource for families wanting to make sure the cars they are considering are up to snuff. Also take a look at Kelley Blue Book’s 12 favorite vehicles for families.

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