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When to Seek Legal Help for Nursing Home Negligence


On April 5, 2008, a man died of severe dehydration after spending only nine days in the nursing home. The family was awarded $42.75 million in the lawsuit they filed against the nursing home. The family argued that there was no reason for dehydration to even be an issue because their loved one was on a feeding tube. Therefore, the family connected the death to the nursing home’s negligence, claiming it was the home’s responsibility to ensure that he got enough water to live.

Accidents happen. We know this is true, even inside the walls of nursing homes. However, there is a fine line between accidents and negligence. If you witness any of the below signs of negligence, it is time to seek legal help.

Abusive Behavior


Nursing home abuse can take many forms. The most well-known form of abuse is physical: hitting, kicking, or purposely injuring patients. However, emotional abuse is also a huge concern in nursing homes and it should be treated as such. This would include any harassing, berating, or mocking of the patients.

Slow Response Times


It is important that staff be on constant alert when working with nursing home residents. If a patient asks for help, the staff member needs to be in the room as soon as possible to assist, whether with helping the resident to the restroom or simply bringing them food or water. When response time is slow, the residents may attempt to do whatever they need on their own, and this can lead to slip and fall personal injuries.

Failure to Maintain a Safe Environment


A nursing home should be very aware of the primary demographic of the occupants and should therefore design the space to accommodate the elderly. There should be extra precautions in place to help prevent slip and falls, including toilet and shower rails and handles. Walkways should also be wide to help prevent walkers and wheelchairs from running into any objects.

Failure to Maintain Hygiene


Hygiene can often be neglected in a nursing home, and the consequences of this can be extreme. Many nursing home residents have compromised immune systems, making their personal health even more important to maintain. It is very important that staff assists residents with basic hygienic routines such as showering, brushing teeth, and washing clothes in order to avoid any risks of infection.

Poor Medical Care


Many people in nursing homes have already experienced a myriad of medical issues. Many residents are on different medications and require special attention to different areas of their health. It is important that the medical care professionals in these homes are efficient and knowledgeable so that no deadly mistakes are made.

Help from an Indiana Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When does a nursing home accident become negligence? When should you seek legal help for your loved one? If your loved one experienced pain, illness, or even death due to one of the instances listed above, they could be entitled to compensation. Call Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation or contact us online.