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5 Ways to Recover Money from a Premises Liability Case


When you’re getting ready to file a premises liability lawsuit or insurance claim, you may wonder if your efforts (or your attorney’s efforts) will actually pay off in the end.

While we can’t itemize every possible source of monetary compensation, this list of common types of damages may provide perspective on how much your case could be worth.

Plaintiffs in personal injury cases, including premises liability ones, receive damages from the person or company that is legally responsible for the injury. This means victims can receive money in as many relevant areas as they can prove the other party was at fault.

The simplest types of damages are known as compensatory damages, because they attempt to compensate the injured victim for the ways in which the injury affected their life. The following are compensatory damages that could be relevant in premises liability cases. However, to know for sure if your situation involves any of these damages, you should consult with an Indiana personal injury attorney.

1. Medical Treatment


Perhaps the easiest to measure, medical costs are a major factor in most personal injury cases. When you bring detailed medical records dated shortly after the accident to a premises liability case, your chances of winning damages can increase dramatically.

Compensation for medical bills can cover previous expenses as well as future treatment plans, depending on the prognosis of the injury.

2. Pain and Suffering


Often overlooked or ignored, pain and suffering due to an accidental injury can be the worst part of the whole situation. Victims can even receive a lifetime’s worth of compensation for chronic pain or mental anguish in some cases.

Though difficult to prove, these types of damages are real and can greatly increase the amount of money plaintiffs receive.

3. Income Loss


When your day job requires you to be in peak physical condition to earn your paycheck, a disabling injury can be devastating to you and your family’s financial stability. In cases where a victim has been injured due to another party’s negligence, and therefore can’t work, income damages may be awarded to compensate for lost days of work.

In disabling injuries, these damages may also seek to cover the difference in income earned over the workers’ lifetime, assuming they cannot continue to perform the same work as before the accident.

4. Property Loss


Another straightforward way to receive money from a premises liability case is to prove the accident destroyed or impaired something you own. The more expensive the object, the more you could receive.

For example, if a letter from a rusted old sign falls on you while you’re walking underneath it, the only property you may be able to claim would be your broken sunglasses or ripped jeans. But if the whole sign breaks off from the building and smashes your brand-new car, it’s a different story.

5. Loss of Consortium


Personal injuries are never just personal; they involve family members, spouses, and children. When injuries on someone else’s property cause your relationships to deteriorate, whether due to a mental or physical disability, the affected people may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Help from an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt in an accident that was someone else’s fault, you deserve to be physically, emotionally, and financially supported in your recovery. Hensley Legal Group’s premises liability attorneys are here to help make sure you receive that support. Call us today or contact us online for a free conversation about your case.