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Prognosis of Paralysis after an Accident in Indianapolis

paralysis-after-accident-handicappedAfter an accident in Indianapolis you may be left with a lot of questions about how you will manage your financial burden resulting from expensive medical bills and an inability to work. By consulting with an Indianapolis accident attorney, you can learn what types of compensation you may be entitled to receive.

The prognosis of paralysis after an accident in Indianapolis will depend on the level of injury. If you suffered a complete injury, then it will result in a total loss of sensation and movement below the level of the injury. In an incomplete injury, there is some loss of sensation and movement.

However, there may be additional complications suffered that can also affect the prognosis. Victims of paralysis may experience chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, bowel/bladder difficulties and an inability to regulate blood pressure. There may be other repercussions that can affect an individual’s daily life.

No matter your prognosis, you can still get your life back. Treatment options are available that can help improve your quality of life.

If you were the victim of paralysis in an accident in Indianapolis, then you may have the right to recovery of damages. You should speak immediately to an Indianapolis accident attorney to learn what legal options are available.

A Helping Hand from an Indianapolis Accident Attorney

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