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Common Questions About Premises Liability on College Campuses


The stress of college is hard enough without the added pressure of a personal injury. Unfortunately, premises liability is a major issue on college campuses if the buildings and walkways are not maintained well enough. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about what to do if you’re injured on a college campus.

What Are the Most Common Premises Liability Incidents on College Campuses?


Slip and fall accidents are the most common. Suddenly, when the months are colder and the walkways become slippery, that easy walk to class becomes a personal injury hazard.

Another common personal injury seen on college campuses occurs in the parking lot. Many college parking lots are not maintained well. One issue could be signage. If there is not effective signage, auto accidents are more likely to occur.

Finally, another common personal injury that occurs on college campuses is a parking lot injury due to poor lighting or maintenance. This could be something as innocent as a pedestrian slipping on ice that wasn’t properly salted or something as violent as a personal assault.

To Whom Should I Report My Premises Liability Case?


Once all is taken care of in regards to your health, it’s time to take the proper steps in order to get compensation for your pain. Immediately after the incident occurs, you should contact campus police in order to file a report and get help. You should also contact the office of the president of the college in order to demand an investigation be run. Following this, it will be time to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Should I Accept Money from the College for the Injury?


Be sure to seek advice from a lawyer before you accept any form of compensation so that you receive the full payment that you deserve. Many times, if you choose to accept money before any case is conducted, you could be forfeiting your legal rights to any other compensation, and the college may be offering far less than you deserve for the injuries.

Can I Sue the College for My Personal Injury?


Filing a lawsuit is not the same thing as filing a claim, which typically comes first. If you can directly connect your personal injury to the college’s negligence, you could file a claim against the college. This is likely the best way for you to get the fair and full compensation for your injuries.

Typically, only if the college isn’t offering an appropriate settlement or if the statute of limitations on your case is running out will you then move to file a lawsuit against the college. In certain cases where the college or university is state-owned, the time to file your claim may be much shorter.  Negotiations will continue as both sides prepare to go to court and let a judge or jury decide the case.

Regardless of if or when you choose to sue, you still may be able to file a claim and receive a settlement without ever going to trial. An experienced personal injury attorney can help make your case and negotiate with the college on your behalf to get a fair settlement.

Why Should I Let a Lawyer Handle My Premises Liability Case?


Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer could dramatically impact the outcome of your case. By hiring someone to represent you in the case who knows the court systems, the regulations, and the area of law, you can rest assured that none of the many steps of the extensive process will be overlooked or forgotten. It is important to have someone on your side who knows the world of the law.

Help from an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

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