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Important information on how to handle your insurance company:

After a car crash, insurance companies may contact you when you are still in the hospital.

Insurance companies want to save money. They will often offer a low settlement that may not cover all your losses. Or, they will drag out your case, hoping that impending bills will force you to settle for a smaller amount than what you truly need.

You don’t have to settle. Don’t sign anything or agree to anything without first consulting a lawyer. Call an Indianapolis car accident attorney first to understand your rights and protect your future.

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We are here to help after you were injured in a car accident.

When you are hurt in a car accident, you may be entitled to damages for physical pain and suffering in addition to compensation for your property damage and the medical cost of your injuries. Our goal is to get you that compensation. Our car accident lawyers are here to reduce your stress and worry and to get your results so you can move on with your life.