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Protecting Your Loved One from Nursing Home Abuse Over the Holidays


The holiday season brings many issues for the elderly. The weather is colder, the stress levels are higher, and the staff at the nursing homes is typically a little more scarce. This holiday season, put your loved one’s safety first.

Pay More Visits


During this time of year, two things tend to happen in a nursing home: fewer staff members are working, and patients tend to get a little lonelier. Both of these things can be dangerous to your loved one’s health. For starters, when staff presence is lower, negligence is more likely to occur. It is at these times of high stress in a nursing home that residents get forgotten during the day. This could mean no one is assisting your loved one to the bathroom or even providing consistent meals. Try to squeeze in a little more time to visit your loved one, both to keep her spirits high and to ensure she is still receiving adequate care during the busy season.

Request a Care Plan


During these cold and gloomy months, mental health becomes a serious concern. Ensure that you and the nursing home staff have a plan in place to address any signs of depression. Depression can even contribute to other issues such as falls and infections. When setting this care plan for your loved one, be sure that these important topics are addressed:

Extended Visiting Hours: As noted before, it is extremely important that you visit your loved one as much as possible during these lonely months. If the current protocol of the nursing home does not allow for this, then you need to address this as a concern and get an exception.

Meal Plan: What people eat can greatly affect their physical and mental health. It is important that your loved one’s diet is well-balanced and consistent during this time. Ensure that the nursing home staff is willing to work with this meal plan once it is set in action.

Increase Activity


Along with a consistent meal plan, consistent activity is vital for your loved one’s physical and mental health. It is not uncommon for activity levels to decrease during these winter months. However, it is important that some form of activity is set in place to occur every day. This can be a form of aerobics, physical therapy, or even just a walk around the building.

Ensure Proper Clothing for the Season


While it is best to keep your loved one indoors for most of the harsh winter months, no one wants their loved one to be by herself in a nursing home during the holidays. The transition from the home to your house can be relatively painless as long as you come prepared.

While the warm clothes are important, we cannot stress enough the importance of solid shoes during these months. Be sure that your loved one does not walk outside in shoes that lack appropriate grip and support for the slippery walkways. And even if they are wearing appropriate shoes, do not allow them to walk without your assistance.

Help from an Indiana Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Way too many nursing home accidents occur during the holidays. Even with the proper measures taken, neglect and slip and falls can still occur. Don’t let an incident such as this ruin your holiday. Call Hensley Legal Group today or contact us online to get the compensation that you deserve.