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Historic architecture and open country roads make Muncie, Indiana a great place for a ride. But as any biker knows, it only takes one wrong move for a leisure ride to become dangerous.

In accidents involving cars and motorcycles, the motorcycle will always lose. Indiana motorcycle accidents make up a small percentage of yearly traffic collisions and yet have a disproportionately high amount of fatalities.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, know your rights. Insurance companies will try almost anything to get out of paying a fair settlement. They like to blame bikers for their accidents because they weren’t wearing a helmet, or because they were riding on a cloudy day, or simply because they chose to ride a motorcycle.

You shouldn’t have to pay for damages if you weren’t at fault. If the at-fault driver’s insurance tries to pin the blame on you, the motorcycle accident attorneys of Hensley Legal Group can help you get the compensation you deserve.

$25 Million
Jury Verdict - Motor Vehicle Crash
$4 Million
Settlement - Struck Pedestrian
$5.5 Million
Settlement - Semi Truck Crash
$1.12 Million
Jury Verdict - Semi Truck Crash
$2 Million
Settlement - Motor Vehicle Crash
$4.25 Million
Settlement - Struck Pedestrian
Settlement - Slip and Fall
Jury Verdict - Struck Pedestrian
$1.75 Million
Settlement - Motor Vehicle Crash
Jury Verdict - Slip & Fall
$1.1 Million
Settlement - Motor Vehicle Crash
Settlement - ATV Crash
Settlement - Motor Vehicle Crash
Settlement - Uninsured Motorist Crash
$1.25 Million
Settlement - Motor Vehicle Crash
Settlement - Commercial Vehicle Crash

Why You Should Call a Muncie Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A bike’s size and weight is what gives a rider the feeling of freedom. But it also makes a bike vulnerable. Motorcycle accidents only make up 3 percent of traffic collisions in the United States, and yet they account for 14 percent of fatalities. You could invest in protective gear, a good helmet, and only use defensive driving techniques, and still be no match for a distracted driver in an SUV.

You should always call an attorney after a motorcycle accident. Bike accidents can be life changing and usually come with big medical expenses. And there is nothing insurance companies hate more than paying out big settlements when their client is at fault.

Hensley Legal Group has over two decades of experience dealing with greedy insurance companies. When you work with a local motorcycle injury attorney, they can strengthen your case by:

  • Examining the scene of the accident
  • Collecting evidence and eyewitness statements
  • Tracking down other parties who share liability
  • Getting your medical records from health providers
  • Negotiating with insurance on your behalf
  • Taking your case to court if needed

Having an attorney doesn’t guarantee a certain result, but it will make your life easier by reducing the stress involved with filing a claim. Your initial consultation with us is always free. Fill out the form below, or call us at (765) 284-2085.

Time Is Essential

In the state of Indiana, you only have two years to file a lawsuit after your motorcycle crash. If your claim involves a government entity, you may have even less time. Missing any of these important deadlines will end your chances of pursuing your claim.

Not every personal injury claim has to go to trial. You can always start a claim on your own and could even settle your case without needing a lawyer. But if the insurance company refuses to pay a settlement, a lawsuit may be the only way to get compensation.

That isn’t the only reason to get started on your case as soon as possible. The scene of the accident can hold valuable evidence which could vanish over time, like skid marks or roadblocks. Video evidence may be recorded over, witnesses may disappear before you have a chance to get their contact information. It isn’t uncommon for the local or state government to fix potholes and other dangerous irregularities in the road soon after an accident to try and avoid a lawsuit.

By contacting a Muncie bike injury attorney as soon as possible, they can get boots on the ground before important evidence is lost, and file a lawsuit well in advance of any deadlines.

Was Your Motorcycle Crash Caused by Poorly Maintained Roads?

When a driver causes a motorcycle accident because of negligent behavior, like ignoring a stop sign or following too closely, it is pretty obvious who is at fault. But other drivers are not the only reason motorcycles crash.

Poorly maintained roads are dangerous for motorcyclists. Potholes, uneven lanes, and slippery debris like gravel and sand might not be a problem for cars and SUVs, but they can be deadly for bikers. All it takes is one tiny pothole to send a biker flying over their handlebars.

If you were a victim of a motorcycle accident caused by poorly maintained roadways, it may not be obvious who is at fault. Local and state governments are responsible for maintaining the roadways: if they knew about the road’s poor condition or were not keeping up with regular maintenance, they could be liable for your accident. Construction companies and contractors could also share liability depending on the circumstances of your case.

Filing a claim against a government entity is complex. Municipalities are often protected by immunity laws and have different filing deadlines. A lawsuit can help you get your hands on the paper trail exposing other liable parties, but you may not know what to look for or how to even find it.

This is exactly why a motorcycle accident attorney from Hensley Legal Group can help. Our trial lawyers have decades of courtroom experience under their belts, and can help you pursue a case against liable government agencies. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for you.

The Compensation You Deserve

You only get one chance to settle your personal injury claim. Insurance likes to offer just enough to cover your existing medical bills. It sounds like a great deal: you get money to pay healthcare costs, and you don’t have to deal with insurance any more.

But if you develop complications from your injuries, or you can’t do the same job as before your accident and end up taking a pay cut, that small amount of money isn’t as helpful. And you can’t file for a second settlement.

You deserve fair compensation after an accident that wasn’t your fault. With a personal injury claim, you can recover:

  • Property damage: This includes your bike and other items of personal property that were damaged in the accident, like safety gear.
  • Lost wages: Healing takes time, especially after a bike accident. You can recover lost wages for the time you took off work due to injuries caused by another person.
  • Future wages: If your injuries prevent you from returning to the work you did before the accident, you can seek compensation for those future wages.
  • Medical expenses: Serious injuries after a crash lead to serious medical bills. might include bills for medication, hospital stay, and physical therapy.
  • Pain and suffering: The distress after a motorcycle accident can be intense. This misery that you can experience can also be compensated for after a motorcycle accident.

Hensley Legal Group is Here to Help the Victims of Indiana Motorcycle Accidents

You shouldn’t have to pay for a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault. If you were injured in a Muncie motorcycle accident, the personal injury attorneys of Hensley Legal Group can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call Hensley Legal Group today or contact us online for a free consultation.

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