A Pothole Caused My Muncie Car Accident. Who Is Responsible?

A Pothole Caused My Muncie Car Accident. Who Is Responsible?

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Potholes are the pesky flies of summer that never go away, come out of nowhere, and annoy everyone. At least in Muncie, it seems as one pothole gets filled, five more appear out of thin air. There’s little hope of a permanent fix; therefore, the responsibility falls to the driver to be consciously aware at all times. That’s not the easiest either. Some potholes are visible from a distance and others are a surprise. Despite every effort to avoid the potholes, sometimes they can’t be avoided and can do serious damage. Some can even cause a car accident.

What to Do If a Pothole Caused a Muncie Car Accident with Another Person

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No matter where in Muncie, driving down McGalliard or cutting through side streets to downtown, a pothole can cause an accident with another person. After reporting the accident, deciding who was at fault is next. Each case is different. Simple logic would assume the government would assume liability since it’s the government’s job to repair the streets. This would be correct on two conditions:

  • If the government knew about the neglected road conditions
  • If the government did not repair or improve the road conditions in a reasonable time.

Although the government may be liable, often they are notified about a pothole once an accident occurs or from road surveys. Therefore, the government may not assume liability despite the poor road conditions. However, that’s not a reason to seek out compensation — especially if there was personal injury.

If you were injured in a car accident caused by a pothole, report the accident and wait for the police to come. The officer will create a police report while you exchange information with the other driver and gather pictures along with details about the accident. This information is pertinent for building a claim against the appropriate party.

Is There Additional Information I Need to Gather at My Muncie Car Accident?

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Not only does the basic information of a Muncie car accident need to be collected, but also some additional information as well. Concerning the location and surrounding area of the accident in Muncie, make sure to gather information about:

  • The specific pothole that caused the Muncie car accident
  • The roads, business locations nearby, landmarks, etc. that help identify the scene
  • The direction on the road you were traveling
  • The specifications of the pothole itself if possible

Taking pictures is also recommended when making a claim to provide as much visual evidence to depict the scene of the car accident in Muncie.

How Do I Report a Pothole Before Another Muncie Car Accident Happens?

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Being proactive and reporting potholes will not only help yourself if you are in the unfortunate situation of being in a Muncie car accident, but will also help others if they find themselves in the same position. Reporting a pothole in Muncie can be done one of three ways:

Taking time to report the potholes throughout Muncie will improve the road conditions of the community overall and help others who find themselves injured from the poor road upkeep.

Get Help from a Muncie Car Accident Attorney

When there’s any accident caused by a pothole, especially when injury to yourself or another person is involved, contact Hensley Legal Group. Each case is different and requires different techniques and tactics. Knowing that skilled attorneys are on your side gives many victims peace of mind. Therefore, don’t wait to seek advice and compensation you deserve. Call us today or contact us online.

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