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What If I’m Injured While Driving through Muncie for Work?


Indiana is known as “The Crossroads of America,” and for good reason. The state ranks number one in pass-through interstates and third in total freight railroads.

Muncie and Delaware County follow suit. With Muncie’s proximity to airports and many major highways, one of the growing fields for Muncie residents is logistics and distribution. These careers often consist of employees delivering goods to businesses dispersed throughout the state or within Muncie itself.

One danger, therefore, that affects this industry more than most is an increase in car accidents. As employees stick to a tight schedule to make delivery or pick-up times, they must also worry about car or truck accidents. With the high pressure of meeting drop-off and pick-up times, getting injured while driving through Muncie can create serious obstacles at work and with insurance.

What Can I Do If I’m Injured While Driving Through Muncie for Work?


First, if you’ve been injured in a car accident while driving through Muncie for work, treat the Muncie car accident like any other accident. Call the police, exchange information with the other driver, take pictures, and record any details you can. These are things that should be done at any car accident, but especially if you’ve been injured while driving through Muncie for your job. If you are injured, seek medical attention as well. All of these things are best for your health and safety as well as your claim.

After the car accident, you can immediately file for workers’ compensation. To your benefit, workers’ compensation begins payment almost immediately. While your benefits have begun, you can pursue a personal injury claim with the driver that was at fault in the accident.

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim and a Workers’ Compensation Claim at the Same Time?


Simply put — yes. As mentioned before, a workers’ compensation claim begins providing benefits immediately but also is not dependent on the fault of the accident. Filing a personal injury claim, however, is dependent on who’s at fault in the Muncie car accident, and determining fault can be difficult. That’s one reason why many people choose to consult with a Muncie law firm that takes on cases related to Muncie car accidents, personal injuries, and workers’ compensation. Hiring a Muncie attorney who has experience in related practice areas will help you feel confident that you are getting the compensation you deserve in each of your claims. What the attorneys at Hensley Legal Group can do is make sure that each of your claims is kept separate from the other to maximize your financial recovery.

When the workers’ compensation benefits begin, your employer’s insurance can seek funds from the driver who was at fault in the accident. Without an experienced attorney fighting alongside you, the benefits may not be fought for your gain; therefore, you could not be getting the compensation you deserve.

Get Help from a Muncie Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Receiving workers’ compensation benefits while filing a personal injury claim involves copious details and knowledge of the inner workings of both workers’ compensation and personal injury laws. Even though these claims can be pursed without an attorney, you may find an attorney’s experience and skills helpful while you focus on what’s important: getting better and getting back to work. All attorneys at Hensley Legal Group work diligently to fight for the compensation that you deserve on and off the job. Come in to the office, call us, or contact us online for a consultation.

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