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Ever Since My Car Accident in Indianapolis, I Have Been Feeling Really Anxious and Sad. Is Depression Common After an Accident?


Yes, depression is common after a car accident in Indianapolis. If it has become debilitating and you are in need of counseling and/or medication, then those additional medical expenses may be recoverable. You should speak with an Indianapolis car accident lawyer about your case.

Depression is most especially a struggle when someone has been seriously injured in an accident.

Depression is more likely to develop if: 

  • Injuries result in chronic pain
  • Medical bills are extremely high
  • One is forced to remain out of work for an extended period of time

When your injuries are disfiguring or disabling, you may also find yourself dealing with emotional struggles, such as persistent feelings of sadness. This is just one symptom of depression.

It is also not uncommon to experience depression when the accident was particularly severe or if there were deaths involved. Accidents involving even serious injuries of others can also add to the stress.

However, even what may be considered minor accidents can lead to feelings of depression. There may be concerns about the inability to work, caring for family while injured, finding a new car and other issues. What is most important is seeking help

Untreated depression can cause the depression to increase. The costs for seeking therapy or medication may be compensated, along with other medical bills you have incurred as a result of your injuries.

To learn what legal options are available to you after a car accident in Indianapolis, it would be in your best interest to seek help. Contacting an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer should be your next step.

A Helping Hand After a Car Accident in Indianapolis

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