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What Are Some Common Misconceptions About a TBI Suffered in an Auto Accident in Indianapolis?


When you are involved in an auto accident in Indianapolis you may be diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI). If you have suffered such an injury, you may have questions and concerns about how your life will be affected. An Indianapolis personal injury lawyer can help explain some of the struggles and medical expenses you face. There are many misconceptions about TBI, and insurance adjusters may rely on these misconceptions to minimize your claim.

Some of the most common misconceptions about TBI include: 

  • “A mild TBI injury is not disabling.” This has been proven untrue by the National Institutes of Health. Mild cases have disrupted family relationships and led to a loss of income.
  • “Mild TBI is not permanent damage.” Doctors have shown that even after a full year, 15% of mild TBI patients are still in the process of recovery and many have some persistent symptoms.
  • “All children with TBI recover.” Children with TBI may face developmental issues later in adolescence.
  • “The effects of TBI are always seen immediately.” Often there is a delayed process that may not become apparent until 12 hours after the injury.
  • “MRIs, CT scans, and EEGS can rule out brain injury.” Many patients will have negative tests but manifest clear functional impairment.

If you have questions or would like to know more information, contact an Indianapolis car accident attorney for a consultation. An attorney can help you fight for compensation for the treatment of TBI.

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