How is a Truck Accident Different from a Car Accident? | Hensley Legal

An auto accident in Indianapolis that involves a commercial truck is significantly different from a standard passenger car accident. Although an accident of any kind can be traumatic, frustrating and life-changing, the circumstances surrounding collisions that involve semi-trucks have a substantial impact on the outcome of personal injury lawsuits. Speak with an attorney from our team of Indiana truck accident lawyers if you have been injured in an accident involving a commercial truck.

For starters, commercial trucks are required by law to carry higher insurance coverage on their vehicles. Additionally, the safety and experience requirements for truck drivers are more stringent because the ramifications of an accident, and the skill required to maneuver a commercial truck, are more profound.

Indiana is home to thousands of trucking companies, and the companies that conduct interstate travel are subject to federal regulations under the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

All trucking companies are obliged to perform background checks on potential hires and conduct routine evaluations of their employees’ knowledge of safety protocol.

Further, a driver is subject to certain parameters that limit the amount he or she may drive in a particular time frame. These regulations are intended to minimize the likelihood that driver fatigue can contribute to an auto accident in Indianapolis.

Violations of any of these requirements can cause an auto accident in Indianapolis, and Indiana truck accident lawyers will use these violations to fortify your liability claim against a driver and company responsible for the accident that caused your injuries.

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