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I Was Severely Injured in a Truck Accident in Indianapolis Involving a Large Semi-Truck and Wanted to Know Who Regulates Trucking Companies?


The federal government thoroughly regulates state trucking companies and other commercial motor vehicles companies. If you have been a victim in a truck accident in Indianapolis, an Indiana law firm that handles personal injury claims involving commercial vehicle accidents can determine what-if any-violations contributed to your accident.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the arm of the government that establishes rules and regulations for truck operators in order to keep interstate highways safe.

These laws include:

  • Who is eligible to operate a commercial vehicle
  • Restrictions on hours of service for the operators
  • Mandates for a minimum insurance policy to be carried (for both bodily injury and/or property damage)

Any injuries or deaths that result from a truck accident in Indianapolis are eligible for compensation as long as there is a person at fault. The individual who may be held liable is not limited to any category; it may be an individual, a company, an owner, etc.

It is of the utmost importance that you take action immediately and file your claim. This process can be daunting and seeking help from an Indiana law firm may be the best course of action.

When you do decide to take legal action it may prove to be too much to take on your own. Hiring a lawyer from an Indianapolis law firm for your truck accident in Indianapolis is often the best road to take.

These accidents often result in serious injuries that can lead to a lifetime of pain and steep medical bills. A personal injury attorney will understand these realities and advocate that you are entitled to your full settlement.

A Helping Hand from an Indiana Law Firm

After a truck accident in Indianapolis you can pursue a claim against the truck driver, the trucking company or the manufacturer, whoever your Indiana law firm finds at fault. When you have complications with your personal injury claim, an Indiana law firm can help you to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety associated with filing a claim.

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