Do I Have to go to My Insurance Company's Doctor After an Accident?

I Was Injured in an Indiana Accident That Wasn’t My Fault, and Now My Own Insurance Company Is Requesting That I Submit to a Medical Examination by a Doctor of Its Own Choice. Do I Have to Go?


You must go to an independent medical examination, also known as an IME, if your insurance company requests one after you’ve been injured in an Indiana accident.

After you’ve been in an Indiana accident, and you report your damages and injuries to your insurance company, the company may have the right to require you to meet with one of their medical personnel to perform an independent medical examination. Most insurance policies require this as part of your policy.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies aren’t looking out for your best interest and if you’re injured in an Indiana accident, they’ll do their best to keep their money. That’s a major concern when it comes to the independent medical examination.

While you don’t need to be overly paranoid about what will happen during the independent medical exam, remember it is being conducted on behalf of the insurance company and not for your benefit.

If you’re ever provided an independent medical examination by your insurance company after you’ve been seriously injured in an Indiana accident, take precautions before you go.

First, read over your insurance company’s policy to see if your insurance company is obeying the contract between you.

Second, when you go to your independent medical examination that’s provided by your insurance company, take notes of what happens. Record where you went, who you saw, how long you waited, and what kind of medical examination was performed.

Third, seek legal help from one of the Indianapolis law firms that focuses on accident injuries. Many Indianapolis law firms will provide a free consultation on your case and sometimes request for an observer to tag along with you to witness the performance of your independent medical examination.

A Helping Hand from an Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney

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