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Who’s Responsible If I’m Injured at an Outdoor Music Festival?


Summer sunshine and warm weather make people want to get up and dance, and there’s no better way to enjoy the season than attending music festivals. Whether hosted in a dense metropolis or in the middle of nowhere, festivals are a huge draw for fans of all genres.

Sadly, these events are the site of many injuries every year. And while some dangers are inherent to large crowds, other hazards are the direct responsibility of the venue and producers to prevent.

Concert Venue Liability


The layers of responsibility in producing a live event like a large music festival or headlining concert make determining liability difficult without knowing every detail of the individual case at hand. It’s highly recommended that anyone involved in an accident at a live concert take down as much information as possible about the incident, answering who, what, when, where, and how, and gathering witnesses’ contact information in case you need to get in touch with them about the case later.

That said, there are a few examples that will help attendees navigate the claims process and what types of incidents are typically covered under a premises liability claim.

Venue and Owner Liability

Perhaps the most common defendant in a music festival personal injury case is the venue at which the injury occurred. The venue may be held liable in cases of stage collapses, fires, or failing to provide adequate signage or exits.

If the venue itself isn’t responsible, the owners or producers of the event may be. For concerts held in third-party venues, they may assume responsibility for the attendees, rather than the venue taking that risk. Their responsibility includes providing adequate security and safety for those invited, and can vary depending on the type of concert, location of the venue, and number of expected attendees.

Other Attendees’ Liability

Sometimes an accident is clearly caused by another festival attendee or even a performer. Negligent acts by other people that result in injuries may be covered by personal injury claim.

For example, crowdsurfing fans endanger other concertgoers and may be held liable for injuries if they fall on another person or cause some other injury. However, if the person who decides to crowdsurf ends up injured, he or she will likely have trouble recovering damages from a claim, since their own recklessness likely caused the injury.

Staying Safe at Festivals


Though festivals come with a plethora of unknowable circumstances, taking a few minutes to prepare for these events will help you avoid injuries that lead to complicated claims.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Venue: Especially if you’ve never been to this specific location before, take a walk to understand where exits are located, where your seats are, and where the open areas of the venue are.
  • Bring a Flashlight: In case your phone dies, have a handheld flashlight available to find your way around in the dark. This is even more important for outdoor events in rural areas that can’t provide adequate lighting across every square inch of the property.
  • Stay Hydrated and Fed: Dehydration and hunger-induced frustration can decrease your ability to make sound decisions and may increase your tendency to make anger-driven choices when presented with problems. Don’t start or join fights, as you will likely be found responsible for your injuries, which means you can’t receive financial compensation for them.

Help from Indiana Personal Injury Attorneys

No one shows up at a concert expecting to leave with a serious injury. When these unfortunate accidents occur, however, victims should explore every option to help pay for their medical bills, including calling an attorney.

Hensley Legal Group stands by Hoosiers across the state. We care about our clients and helping them get the financial help they need to pay for their injuries. If you’ve been hurt at an outdoor concert, get in touch with us. You may be eligible to receive damages through a personal injury claim. Your conversation with us is totally free, so call today.