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Suffering Depression after Car Accident in Indianapolis


Trauma from a car accident in Indianapolis can be not only physical but emotional as well. This is especially true if the accident was particularly severe or injuries were catastrophic. A lawyer who specializes in cases like your Indianapolis accident can evaluate it to determine if you are entitled to pursue compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

A lawyer has the ability to establish if someone else was at fault for your accident and then help you assemble the evidence that proves this. They can help you begin the process of pursuing a claim against the liable party.

When a Car Accident in Indianapolis Leads to Depression

It is important to recognize symptoms of depression and then seek immediate treatment. This is a serious medical condition that can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life.

After a serious accident, an inability to return to one’s previous life can affect not only the victim personally but extend to their family, work and friends. Depression, left untreated, can become debilitating.

Sometimes depression is experienced when injuries are life-altering, such as burn injuries that lead to disfigurement or the loss of a limb. However, even mild injuries can still impact an individual’s psychological state.

While an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer can address the medical expenses you have incurred as a result of your accident, they can also take into consideration the emotional aspects of your case.

Depression may lead to the need for medication or counseling. The costs for these may also be recoverable if your accident was the result of someone else’s negligence.

Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of depression can vary from one individual to another after a car accident in Indianapolis. Some cases of depression can be mild, which allows for continued ability to function. However, other cases can be so severe, it prevents an individual from being able to work.

Some of the symptoms that may be suffered as a result of depression after a car accident in Indianapolis include:

  • Feelings of hopelessness/worthlessness
  • Persistent/intense feelings of sadness
  • Headaches
  • Changes in eating habits (loss or gaining of weight)
  • Changes in sleeping habits (excess or lack)
  • Difficulty with concentrating or thinking

There are other symptoms that can be experienced. An Indiana car accident lawyer can help you pursue a claim for all of the injuries that you have suffered.

Help from an Indiana Car Accident Lawyer

Your Indianapolis accident should be handled by a lawyer who has experience and knowledge. They should understand traffic laws and how to handle this particular type of claim.

Getting help from a lawyer is the best way to increase your chance at a favorable outcome because they know:

  • The type of evidence that will be necessary (and can obtain that for you)
  • To take into consideration your medical expenses
  • To list your lost wages
  • That pain and suffering count
  • The other losses you have suffered

They are knowledgeable in utilizing police reports, statements from witnesses, your medical records and any other documentation that will be helpful to your case. Additionally, an Indiana car accident lawyer can assist you with the paperwork and forms that must be completed. They stand by your side from the initial filing of your claim, until you are able to reach a fair settlement.

Trying to settle a claim on your own when you have suffered serious injuries is never a good idea. Seek help from a lawyer who knows the best way to pursue your car accident claim.