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Can You Settle Your Indiana Personal Injury Claim Without an Indiana Attorney?


It’s possible to handle an Indiana personal injury claim on your own; however, it will be more challenging. Hiring an Indianapolis injury attorney is highly advised to help ensure that your case runs smoothly. Not every accident warrants the need for a lawsuit, and you may not know that if you go it alone.

Taking on an Indiana Personal Injury Claim Can Be Overwhelming

Many go into an Indiana personal injury claim with the idea that attorneys are unnecessary and think they can save money by handling it themselves. While you’ll save money on attorney fees, you may find quickly that filing a claim is more complex than you had anticipated.

Many accidents and injuries stem from acts of negligence with an end goal of receiving compensation for the damages via the liable or responsible party. But negligence has to be proved with substantial evidence; a judge must be convinced and assign the fault accordingly. This requires extensive research, gathering evidence and witness testimonies. Simultaneously, while you’re trying to prove your case it’s very likely that the opposite party will be trying to break it down.

Chances of Success May Be Decreased Without an Indianapolis Injury Attorney

Research conducted by the Insurance Research Council has determined that personal injury claims that have an attorney working on the case are actually much more successful. The average settlement offer is shown to be 350% greater than average settlement offers in cases when plaintiffs handle it alone. This is often credited to the fact that attorneys are more experienced with the negotiating process. They read and understand the fine print and know exactly what your case is worth and what the proper settlement should be. If you are involved in a case and reach the settlement period, contact an Indianapolis injury attorney before making any solid decisions.

How an Indianapolis Injury Attorney Can Help Your Indianapolis Personal Injury Claim

If this is your first time filing a lawsuit, everything may seem new and overwhelming at first, but an attorney can help simplify the process. Understand that not every accident warrants filing a claim, but an attorney has the knowledge and experience to know what course of action to take.

You can set up a no-cost consultation with an attorney right away before taking any action to make sure that you don’t waste your time by filing an Indianapolis personal injury claim that’s only going to get denied.

During the process, if you reach the point of settlement negotiation for your case an attorney can make a huge difference in the end result. You can get great advice and tips from an attorney to make sure that you get the type of settlement that you deserve.

Your attorney can make sure that everything is being taken into account, and the insurance adjuster isn’t trying to make you a low offer without you picking up on it. Your attorney will show you all the expenses that should be considered, especially when it comes to your physical injuries because if you’re still in recovery and there are still future costs, those cannot be overlooked.

It’s rare to find a case that can be handled effectively independently because most cases aren’t lucky enough to be simple and clear-cut. If there was no bodily harm or severe property damage, then it might be smooth sailing, but that’s not often the case.