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Indiana Personal Injury Claim for Government Fault

indiana-government-personal-injury-claimIf an accident in Indiana was caused by negligence of the government you need to take swift legal action. Filing an Indiana personal injury claim against the government is different than a typical personal injury claim in many ways. An Indiana personal injury law firm can help you understand the differences.

Why You Need an Attorney for This Type of Claim

Nearly every aspect of this type of personal injury claim is stricter and more limited throughout the entire process. Hiring an attorney from an Indiana personal injury law firm is necessary to make the process as smooth as possible.

First and foremost, you must make sure that your claim is being rightfully pursued. There are many cases in which the State of Indiana is not liable to repay damages.

Government agencies tend to deny claims and require that you file a formal lawsuit before they begin to negotiate a claim with you. In some cases, the agency doesn’t reply to the claim at all, and you may assume after a reasonable amount of time that it was denied. Having an attorney will sort out the ambiguity.

You should understand that a single misstep or mistakenly filled out document could make the difference between an approved and denied Indiana personal injury claim against the government.

A Helping Hand from an Indiana Personal Injury Law Firm

When you have complications with your personal injury claim against the government, an Indiana personal injury law firm can help you to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety associated with filing a claim. In order to get back on track with your personal injury claim, download a copy of our FREE book, Consumer’s Guide for Injured Victims, and then contact a personal injury attorney at Hensley Legal Group for a no-cost consultation.