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Five Steps for Handling a Car Accident with an Underinsured Motorist

Car insurance policyIf you were in a car accident with an underinsured motorist whose insurance coverage isn’t enough to cover your damages, you’ll have to file an additional claim with your own insurance company using your underinsured motorist coverage (UIM). (That is, if you carry that type of coverage; it’s not mandatory in Indiana, so you’ll need to check your policy.)

The Claims Process after an Accident with an Underinsured Driver

The claims process after an accident with a driver with too little insurance can get complicated. Dealing with two insurance companies and the variances in policies can be quite frustrating.

After the accident, here’s the recommended way to handle matters:

  • Step One – Collect information and evidence. After the accident, collect as much information as possible for legal purposes. This includes the accident report, pictures, witness contacts, and your medical bills.
  • Step Two – Call your insurance carrier. You’ll want to call your insurance company to report the accident, and ask what their protocol is for handling underinsured motorist claims. You’ll want to strictly adhere to their guidelines in order to avoid inadvertently harming your claim.
  • Step Three – File a claim with the other party’s insurance company. After it’s determined the other party is at fault, you’ll likely have to file with other insurance company first. It will pay up to their client’s policy’s limits.
  • Step Four – File a claim with your insurance company. You’ll then submit whatever unpaid damages remain with your own insurance company under your UIM coverage.
  • Step Five – Consult an accident attorney. Run your case by an attorney to ensure your settlement is fair. Your attorney can also assist should you have problems collecting compensation, and explain your legal options should you not have UIM coverage.

The Hensley Legal Group Can Help after a Car Accident

If you’ve been in an auto accident, especially one as complicated as a car accident with an underinsured motorist, seek an attorney’s counsel to make sure the claims are being handled appropriately and fairly. Contact the Hensley Legal Group in Indianapolis to discuss your case. Call us today for a FREE legal consultation: 317-472-3333.