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What Are Some of the Most Important Indiana Pedestrian Laws of Which I Should Be Aware?

PedestriansAs a pedestrian, it is in your best interest to be up to date on Indiana pedestrian laws for your own protection. In the event that you are in an Indianapolis auto accident, you should know what laws were violated and have a general idea of how the accident will be seen in a court of law. An Indianapolis attorney may be of great help to clarify any information that you may have questions about.

Indiana Pedestrian Laws: An Overview

The Indiana Legislative Services Agency lists pedestrian laws as follows: 

  • Overtaking a stopped vehicle at a crosswalk: If a vehicle has stopped at a marked crosswalk to yield to a pedestrian, another vehicle may not pass the stopped vehicle.
  • Duty to obey traffic devices: All pedestrians must obey traffic control devices unless directed otherwise by a police officer.
  • Crossing at point not marked: If a pedestrian is crossing at an unmarked location, he or she must yield to traffic.
  • When a sidewalk is unavailable: If a sidewalk is not available, a pedestrian may walk along the shoulder and as far as possible from the edge of the roadway; at this time, the pedestrian must yield to all vehicles.
  • Blind pedestrians: Motorists must always yield to a blind pedestrian with a clearly visible cane or guide dog.

If you have any questions or would like clarification on some of these laws, contact an Indianapolis auto accident attorney. If you have been injured because of a motorist’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation in a personal injury claim.

A Helping Hand from an Indianapolis Auto Accident Attorney

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